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Research highlights role of newspapers in open government

Daily Herald – “Save the newspapers!

It sounds a little self-serving, sure, but even in the Internet age, newspapers may be good for more than lining a litter box and wrapping fish.

What newspapers and other traditional media do, said BYU law professor RonNell Andersen Jones, is combine a passion for open government and public access with the resources to go after the government for the enactment and enforcement of those laws.”

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News Corp says paywall plan for UK papers on track

Reuters – “News Corp will start charging for content for its British newspapers on the Web in the next weeks or months, the head of its European and Asian operations James Murdoch said on Wednesday.”

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Anonymous comments: Virginia Tech student paper’s Web site raising hackles

Columbus Dispatch – “A Virginia Tech advisory committee has recommended that the university cut funding to all campus media unless the student newspaper bans anonymous comments on its Web site. The University Commission on Student Affairs, mostly made up of students, decided that the way the newspaper monitors online comments is irresponsible, lacks accountability, victimizes students and misrepresents the university.”

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Will Getting Rid of Free Online Content Save The Newspaper Industry?

Findlaw – “The days of reading a daily newspaper appear to be part of the past, and newspapers are trying to come up with solutions to remain viable. With online content available on the internet, less people are reading printed newspapers. Free online content is available, but will charging readers for online content save the newspaper industry? The answer, unfortunately for now, appears to be “no,” according to a recent poll.”

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Murdoch to charge for all online content

FT – “Rupert Murdoch has vowed to charge for all the online content of his newspapers and television news channels, going well beyond his prediction in May that the company would test pay models on one of its stronger papers within the year.”

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The News About the Internet

New York Review of Books – “Of all the dismal and discouraging numbers to have emerged from the world of newspapers—the sharp plunges in circulation, the dizzying fall-off in revenues, the burgeoning debt, the mounting losses—none seems as sobering as the relentless march of layoffs and buyouts. According to the blog Paper Cuts, newspapers lost 15,974 jobs in 2008 and another 10,000 in the first half of 2009. That’s 26,000 fewer reporters, editors, photographers, and columnists to cover the world, analyze political and economic affairs, root out corruption and abuse, and write about culture, entertainment, and sports.”

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Digital newspaper archive hits 1M pages online

The Associated Press – “The vintage accounts of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and the Wright brothers' first “aeroplane” flight in 1903 are among the news stories preserved through the National Digital Newspaper Program. The program Tuesday celebrated the first 1 million pages that have been posted on a free, government-funded Web site.”

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Alumni Try to Rewrite History on College-Newspaper Web Sites

Chronicle.com – “Disturbed that an article she wrote as a college student could be turned against her in moments with a Google search on her name, Ms. Dobo contacted The Daily Collegian and asked if it would essentially “hide” the article on the paper's Web site so it would be less prominent in any search results.”

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Saying farewell to a long career filled with connection

Larry Benjamin: “It’s also unfortunate that many public officials and employees consider the press as an adversary. They forget that we share the same goal: to serve the public. The newspaper is the watchdog on behalf of the people, the connection between the people and their government. How do you say goodbye? By appreciating the enduring power of that connection.”

These are the last lines of my Uncle Larry’s piece yesterday. He retired after 29 years on the job as an editorial writer for the Asbury Park Press.

Now, Larry starts his second career, whatever that may be (I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last from him). I’m in a similar boat for my blog. I need to move on too. Starting tomorrow, the main content for LS will be different. I’m going to concentrate on what I know best: Law libraries, marketing the law library, and related issues. I hope you like it.

Congrats on the career Larry. I hope that in 29 years, I’ll write a piece like yours on Library Stuff.

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READing is Fundamental

Newspaper Association of America – “Young people who used newspapers in school and read newspaper content aimed at teens are more likely to volunteer, vote and engage in civic expression as adults, according to a study of more than 1,500 25- to 34-year-olds released today by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation.” (via)

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