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No Chocolate in the Library

NYTimes.com– “Although Mr. Bennett’s business opened the week of Thanksgiving, the biggest hurdle so far hasn’t been procuring delicate truffles but registering its name.“We thought library was the perfect word,” he said.But it turns out library was one word too much. The State Education Department’s division of library development rejected Mr. Bennett’s application to incorporate his business, claiming it was misleading.”

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Library of Michigan to close down on Saturdays

AP– “Budget problems continue to force reduced hours at the Library of Michigan.”

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Digital technology lets libraries share their fragile treasures with the world

LAtimes – “Powerful scanners allow for the preservation and easy dissemination of ancient texts, but the volume of material waiting to be processed is enormous.”

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Boulder man builds libraries (even for non-readers)

9NEWS – “Thatcher finds the books people want, and fits them into a custom library for home, office or business. He says his job is half literary expert and half interior designer. He makes sure the books fit well together on the shelf – sometimes finding covers that are all the same color.”

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Down and dirty Diesel lingerie photos shot in library shock Brooklyn Law School

NYPOST – “There oughta be a law — against being this naughty.Brooklyn Law School officials rented Diesel its library expecting a tasteful photo shoot for a jeans ad — but what they got was a steamy display of writhing young models in skimpy lingerie grinding against books and computers."Its gross. I work on those computers every day!" fumed a female student, referring to a shot showing two bra- and panty-clad women climbing over the machines toward an open-mouthed man."Ugh. The library fantasies are now relentless.”

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New library will showcase Vonnegut’s life

The Indianapolis Star – “Seventy years ago, Kurt Vonnegut moved away from Indianapolis to attend Cornell University at age 17. On Friday, the late literary icon will finally, in a sense, come home. A special open house will introduce the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library to Indianapolis from 6 to 8 p.m. In addition to giving the public a sneak peek at the partially completed library, board members hope the event will help raise funds.”

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Must we have the digital vs. print battle?

Gabrielle E. Miller – “I lead a national children’s literacy nonprofit organization, so it is not surprising that two recent book industry developments caught my attention: Barnes & Noble’s efforts to digitize 1,000 children’s titles and the use of digital library kiosks in a few locations around the United States. People frequently ask me what I think about digital books for children. Somewhere in the question is the usual implication that one is good and the other is bad – a question that is not really information seeking, but rather a request for validation from someone who has already taken sides in the upcoming ‘battle’ of digital vs. print in children’s literature.”

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Volunteers visit cemeteries to construct a vast database of the dead

Mercury News – “There’s a deep chill where the dead sleep, but Debbie Peevyhouse is fearless as she wanders between tombstones at Mission City Memorial Park, documenting lives lost in Santa Clara Valley. With a digital camera, soft-bristled brush, pencil and note cards, she and other local “gravers” don’t feel haunted by their Halloween-like hobby. Rather, they are proud of their part in creating a vast database of the region’s forebears, before time erases all that is left: a name, two dates, perhaps an epitaph.”

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Zombies in the Library

Just in time for Halloween

Thanks Benjamin

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A Prison-Library Reunion

NYT – “You know you’re not doing well when a prisoner regards you with pity. When a man in an oversize prison uniform — a man who could narrate the gruesome entirety of his life through the scars on his body — gives you the once-over and says: “You O.K., pal? You don’t look too good,” you know you’re in trouble. “

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