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New Zealand library shelves annoying, high-pitched ‘mosquito’ device targeting loiterers

“A New Zealand library that went beyond stern looks from librarians to ensure peace and quiet has turned off a “mosquito” device after drawing criticism for targeting young people with an annoying, high-pitched buzz. The Papanui Library in the South Island city of Christchurch installed the device, which produces a high-frequency buzz that can be heard apparently only by people under 25, to deter youths from loitering outside and intimidating library users.” (via Reuters)

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Erotic fairytale first book pulled from the New Zealand National Library for being too explicit

“A graphic novel that depicts the sexual encounters of fairytale heroines has made history as the first book pulled from the New Zealand National Library catalogue for being too explicit. The book has never been classified by the censor and the decision of the library to self-censor has angered those who say libraries should be champions of literary freedom. It has now become a cause celebre for fans wanting to have the book returned to the shelves and the library has indicated it may yet put it back.” (via Daily Life)

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New online legal service debuts in NZ

Voxy – “Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, announced that it has launched Westlaw NZ, the latest development in online research for legal professionals in New Zealand. Westlaw NZ offers unrivaled content from case law and journals, legislation and commentary to precedents and news, as well as tax information. The technology behind the intuitive search capability within Westlaw NZ helps direct users to precise points of law and extends a new level of confidence that information is authoritative, current and the results are comprehensive. Built upon state-of-the-art Westlaw technology, Westlaw NZ was developed specifically for New Zealand customers and modeled after Thomson Reuters online legal information services in the United Kingdom, United States, Asia, India and South America.”

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The National Library collects the real stuff of history

Libraries fear internet closure over download law

Computerworld – “Libraries may have to close their public internet services if the process used to identify offenders infringing copyright by downloading and uploading is allowed to stand, says the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (Lianza).
In a submission on the Ministry of Economic Development’s discussion document about scales of penalties and charges for policing the law, Lianza continues to claim the definitions in the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Regulations and the associated parts of the amended Copyright Act are misconceived and potentially unfair to libraries and their users.”

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