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Finally, High Bridge Public Library turns page on future

NY Daily News – “The residents of Highbridge, an isolated and forgotten hilltop neighborhood behind the new Yankee Stadium, finally have something to cheer more important than an Alex Rodriguez home run. “We’re getting our library back,” Aida Davis, a 69-year-old great-grandmother, said, smiling.”

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NYLA SnapShotNY and Libraries:Essential Advocacy Campaign

NYLA – “NYLA has launched a “SnapShotNY: A Day in the Life of A Library” initiative, similar to ones conducted in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois, that documents in statistics, pictures, videos and user comments just how busy and essential libraries are.”

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Libraries face deep cuts (NY)

News10Now – “New York State libraries are facing deep cuts as a result of Governor Paterson’s 2010-2011 budget proposal. Our Sabina Kuriakose has more on why library advocates say the cuts couldn’t come at a worse time.”

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New York State Governor Proposes 20% Cut in Library Aid

Library Journal – “In another example of how libraries can suffer disproportionate cuts in a down economy, New York State Governor David Paterson (left in photo), as part of a massive package of reductions, has proposed cutting $20 million in library aid, a 20 percent cut.”

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Library association wants funds restored

Albany Times Union – “New York’s public libraries expect to see a surge in activity as economic times get tougher, according to the New York Library Association.”

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Library posters an ethical gray area

The New York Library Association may have hit a snag in their efforts to use legislators in READ posters.

"The proposed new law, which legislative leaders worked out with Gov. Eliot Spitzer, bans all lobbying gifts except those of nominal value. Also, public officials will not be allowed to appear in any ads paid for with taxpayers’ dollars.

Michael J. Borges, executive director and chief lobbyist of the Library Association, which also employs the Crane, Vacco and Sanders lobbying firm, considers the READ posters within the limits of the proposed new law. They’re worth about $15 each, he said, and just one is given to each pictured lawmaker, with the hope the legislator will buy more."


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