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Amazon Wins $30 Million Contract to Sell E-Books to New York City Schools

“Amazon.com Inc. won a deal worth about $30 million to provide e-books to New York City, the nation’s largest school district.The city’s Panel for Educational Policy voted Wednesday in favor of the three-year contract for the Department of Education, which will take effect in the coming school year. They will have the option to extend it for an additional two years, which would be worth an estimated additional $34.5 million.” (via WSJ)

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Amazon about to score $30M gig to sell e-books to N.Y.C. school kids

“The Department of Education is about to approve a $30 million contract with Amazon to create an e-book marketplace for New York City’s 1,800 public schools. The Amazon deal will be one of the D.O.E.’s most expensive contracts and one of the city’s few significant deals with a leading technology company. The contract will also create the department’s first unified e-book marketplace. Schools chancellor Carmen Fariña has said she wants to boost the department’s technology credentials.” (Via Biz Journals)

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NYC libraries take $10M hit in de Blasio 2016 budget

“Libraries took a $10 million hit in the city’s 2016 budget. The three systems received $323 million — including $5 million from the City Council — in operating funds in 2015, and this year were only promised around $313 million. “The mayor’s proposed operating budget is a setback for libraries,” said Tony Marx, of the New York Public Library. The New York, Brooklyn and Queens public libraries also didn’t get the combined $1.4 billion in capital funds they’d requested for the next 10 years.” (via NY Daily News)

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Library Funding is Behind the Times

“In Branches of Opportunity (2013), the Center for an Urban Future documented how New York’s seniors, immigrants, K-12 students and unemployed were using their public libraries, and how visits, book circulation and program attendance were skyrocketing in the age of the Internet. Every year, New York’s 207 public libraries greet more visitors than all of the city’s professional sports teams and Cultural Institutions Group members combined, but their increasing value to communities across the five boroughs has not been widely acknowledged by policymakers. Funding is still down considerably from just a few years ago, and library hours are still sharply curtailed, especially when compared to other libraries across the state and country.” (via Center for an Urban Future)

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New York City’s libraries badly in need of repairs: report

“After years of being shortchanged by the city, some of New York’s libraries look like something out of a Gothic novel — with spooky abandoned spaces, leaky ceilings and chilly rooms, a new report found. The problems are so profound that the libraries need a whopping $1.1 billion to cover routine maintenance costs, according to a joint report from the Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan libraries. At the Ulmer Park Library in Brooklyn, the leaks in the ceiling are so big that on rainy days, workers often put ripped-up garbage bags over the books to protect them.” (via NY Daily News)

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For sale: 1 million photos of NYC’s history

“Photographers from Brown Brothers hauled their cameras from Ellis Island to Broadway to Yankee Stadium to snap pictures of street urchins and socialites, hardhats and mobsters, athletes and entertainers, capturing nearly every aspect of New York City life in the first six decades of the 20th century. Now, the more than 1 million photographs and negatives the company compiled are up for sale.” (via The Washington Post)

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Floating library breathes new life into historic steamship

“How much new life can be breathed into an 81-year-old steamship? According to Beatrice Glow, plenty. Over the next four weeks, the Lilac Museum Steamship, berthed at Pier 25 on the Hudson River in lower Manhattan, is home to the “Floating Library” — a space for people to gather, read, discuss and create. The only rule on deck is to power off and stow your cell phone.” (via Metro.us)

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The Library Fight in Plain Sight

“New York City loves its libraries. People are passionate about them, they feel a connection to their libraries, and have a deep personal ownership over them. New Yorkers don’t like to have their libraries messed with. They want them to have more resources and be able to do more. New Yorkers love libraries and we are looking to our political leadership to support that love. There is, unfortunately, a Tale of Two Cities to be told about libraries in New York City. There are flagship libraries and there are branch libraries and the branch libraries are understaffed, underfunded and breaking down. The libraries themselves continue to do incredible work even in difficult circumstances and the staff are dedicated even when they are too few.” (via Huffington Post)

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Now Available on Ancestry.com: New York City Vital Records

“Did you hear the news out of New York? We have teamed up with the New York City Department of Records/Municipal Archives to bring indexes to more than 10 million New York City birth, marriage, and death records for the years 1866–1948. You can search the indexes free from a new landing page at www.Ancestry.com/NewYork, where you’ll find other new releases as well, including the 1855 and 1875 New York state censuses.” (via Ancestry.com)

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Is the End of the School Library Upon Us? Budget Cuts Hit Librarians Where it Hurts

“Paul McIntosh of Wadleigh Secondary School in Harlem has spent the past 10 years building what he calls “an environment where young people can explore all dimensions of the human experience.” He recruits big-name guests for his popular speaker series, publishes an annual poetry anthology, even acts as an unofficial guidance counselor to any student who reaches out to him for help. For those struggling with school, personal problems, even thoughts of suicide, the school library is one place they can go to find solace. Whether it’s a transgendered student being bullied or a shy writer trying to find his voice, McIntosh says kids have, for years, turned to him for support.” (via Alternet)

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