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New Orleans’s Once-destroyed Public Libraries a Strong and Necessary Component of Civic Infrastructure

“Shoring up the libraries of New Orleans with a proposed property tax increase will secure “one of the bright and hopeful” lights of civic infrastructure that is still, after nearly 10 years, working to recover from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, according to New Orleans Times-Picayune contributing op-ed columnist Gordon “Nick” Mueller. Most of the 13 branches of the city’s 110-year old library system were destroyed in 2005 by Katrina’s floodwaters. Thousands of volumes, collections, and holdings were lost, and post-storm assessments observed fish in library parking lots, overturned shelves, books floating in water, and doors that were, ultimately, “closed indefinitely.” (via Nonprofit Quarterly)

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N.O. Public Library hopes to avert financial crisis

“The New Orleans Public Library is taking some steps to keep library doors open with funding running out. Thursday morning there was a Turn the Page on Literacy event for young students, with the hope of turning the page on its finances. The library is looking to make New Orleans the most literate city in America by 2018 and city leaders say they can’t do it without the money behind them to keep the libraries open.” (via WWLTV)

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New Orleans libraries face closure from shrinking budgets, website reports

“New Orleans libraries face the risk of closing several branches without more funding from City Hall or an increase in taxes, the website The Lens reports. Library Executive Director Charles Brown told the City Council Monday that the $3 million in reserve revenue that the system uses to patch up its $12 million budget every year will run out in 2016.” (via NOLA.com)

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Stacks of problems: New N.O. libraries quickly in financial peril

“All is not as it seems in the New Orleans Public Library system. Five gleaming new libraries — central to the recovery of neighborhoods like Broadmoor, Lakeview and eastern New Orleans — have been a big hit since reopening in 2011 and 2012. But the libraries have been so costly to operate that the system has blown through a $12 million reserve fund in about three years, mostly to handle the expanded staffing costs. A dedicated tax millage that hasn’t increased since 1986 — and was rolled back after Hurricane Katrina — no longer raises enough money to cover the system’s personnel costs.” (via wwltv.com)

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Sex offenders’ access to Jefferson Parish libraries to be restricted

“Some sex offenders would be restricted from entering Jefferson Parish public libraries under a policy that the Parish Council will consider adopting Wednesday. The proposal comes seven months after Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a law generally banning the offenders from libraries. The law, Act 693 of the 2012 legislative session, makes it a crime for a person who has been convicted of sexually abusing a person younger than 13 to enter library property or loiter within 1,000 feet of it. But it exempts offenders who comply with local library policy and directs local libraries to implement a policy by Jan. 1.”

via NOLA.com

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New Orleans libraries turn over a new leaf with state-of-the-art buildings

NOLA.com – “For some New Orleanians, the story of the post-Katrina public library system’s resurrection might read like a never-ending tale. While officials managed to reopen five of the 13 storm-damaged locations quickly, many neighborhoods have been forced to rely on makeshift mini-libraries housed in trailers, bookmobiles, elementary schools and abandoned retail spaces, including a former video rental store on North Carrollton Avenue.But the long wait for many book lovers in hard-hit areas is about to end as City Hall prepares to cut the ribbons on five new state-of-the-art libraries over the next few months, including three in rapid-fire succession beginning this week.”

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Librarian’s words are binding

LAT – “Several years ago a young man who was majoring in philosophy and French got a part-time job in his university library to help pay his bills. Over time, it occurred to him that he loved that hallowed sanctuary, surrounded each day by bound volumes of ideas and by records of our history. He knew then what he wanted to do with his life and went on to graduate school to study library science. Today, he’s a librarian at a college in New Orleans, helping rebuild a collection wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.”

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Kenner librarian focuses on wetland preservation

NOLA – “Charlotte Rizzo, the librarian at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School in Kenner, believes educating young students is the key in preserving and conserving nature. Rizzo recently led a year-long wetlands program at the school in hopes of encouraging students to take an interest in saving the wetlands.”

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Update From New Orleans

Times-Picayune – “Two years after Katrina, the New Orleans public library system remains in flux. But a new leadership team is determined to rebuild it, one branch and bookmobile at a time.”

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