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In North Jersey, libraries of tomorrow are ready to turn the page

“It looks like a scene from Google headquarters. A group of young inventors darts around the room, tackling a new experiment each week: build a flying machine, print a 3D object, design a new instrument, make an explosion with Popsicle sticks. The energetic buzz is punctuated by the occasional exclamation, “That’s so cool!” But this is no Google headquarters. This is the Hillsdale Public Library, and its dedication to hands-on collaborative learning exemplifies a movement by libraries nationwide to redefine themselves in the digital age. “Rather than it being a solitary place to come on your own, we’re seeing it now as a place for people to come together and share their expertise,” said Dave Franz, the library director. While libraries were created to give people access to information, he added, now they are being expanded to include access to tools.” (via NorthJersey.com)

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Hardcovers? No, hardware at this library

“A proposed library in Camden County won’t use the Dewey Decimal System. Instead, expect the DIY approach at a facility where patrons might check out saws, sanders and other handy gadgets. Freeholders voted Thursday night to advance plans for a county tool library. If everything goes well, it will debut by June 1 at the county’s Lakeland complex in Gloucester Township.” (via courierpostonline.com)

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NJ State Library to deliver high school diploma program

“The New Jersey State Library (NJSL), an affiliate of Thomas Edison State College, announced today the launch of its Online High School Completion Program, which will allow NJ residents to earn an accredited high school diploma and credentialed career certificate at their local library. The groundbreaking program is designed to reengage adults in the education system and prepare them for entry into post-secondary education or the workforce.” (via APP)

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In NJ, little libraries with big results

“Resting on a post near the sidewalk on Tuxedo Road in Montclair is a miniature house, cobbled together from a wine crate, leftover construction shingles and other scrap materials. Behind the glass door are about 20 books of various genres arranged on a shelf. This is the Little Free Library, something of a community spot for meeting and reading, where no library card is needed and no late fees are charged. “It’s a very eclectic mix and it’s all community-driven,” says the library’s steward, Jon Bonesteel, of his revolving catalog. “Oftentimes, I’ll come home to find bags of books on my front porch that I can then cycle through the library, and they tend to go. It’s nice to see the turnover of the books.” (via NJ.com)

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Judge: Bloomfield library violated records law

“The Bloomfield Public Library violated New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act when it failed to produce documents pertaining to overdue materials, Superior Court Judge Edith K. Payne ruled on Jan. 13. In July 2013, Bloomfield Life requested documents specifically regarding the library board’s 11 trustees at the time. They included Board President Sharon McIver, Jeremiah Larkin Jr., Louis Acocella, Mary Todaro, Susan Carter, Kathleen Hughes, Rosemary Vetrano, Patricia Pelikan, Raymond McCarthy, Ted Ehrenburg and Nicholas Dotoli. Pelikan, McCarthy and Dotoli are no longer on the board.” (via NorthJersey.com)

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