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Why Netflix Or Spotify For Ebooks Will Work

“Many publishing industry observers don’t think that Oyster or Scribd or any other “Netflix or Spotify for ebooks” will work in the consumer marketplace. Why? The rights issues are very complicated. Agents and authors may not go for it. Publishers may not go for it. Consumers may realize that it’s not worth their money. The list goes on.”

via Forbes)

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Our dream library: Unlimited e-books for less than $10 a month

“Oyster has already established a compelling elevator pitch: “Netflix for books.” Pay a monthly fee, get access to an unlimited number of 100,000 titles available in Oyster’s app. The app is beautifully designed and certainly rivals that of Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks version. But whether its business model is as much of a threat, and whether it lives up to the Netflix legacy it’s brought on itself, is another matter. Right now, the Oyster app is limited to an iPhone-oriented version, though iPad and Android versions are in the works. The app already adopts the iOS 7 design touches, with flat, delicately drawn icons and plenty of white space. When users first open the app, it asks them to pick five books to drive the first batch of recommendations.” (via Ars Technica)

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CA Library To Debut Netflix-Like “Fines-Free” Program

Library Journal has an update

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Hayward libraries to borrow Netflix model

Oakland Tribune – “City libraries soon will offer a new borrowing system that borrows from Netflix, the mail-based, no-late-fee movie rental service. For a monthly fee, library users will be able to check out a limited number of materials for an unlimited amount of time. The optional system will eliminate due dates and overdue fees, asking for money upfront in return for no worries later. Pricing would begin at $2.99 a month for up to three items out at a time.”

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Building a Netflix for Books

Will people pay to rent books?

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Bookswim? Nah.

Seth Godin – “[W]hile a few passionate people may wish for handbags or jewelry or books or watches to be available this way, none of them are even close to matching the dynamic of Netflix.”

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Netflix Grows in Brooklyn?

Great news today:

"In what would be a first in the United States, the Brooklyn Public Library hopes to team up with Netflix to deliver DVDs and videos to anyone in the borough with a library card, The Post has learned.  The price would be unbeatable – free."

But, keep reading and you’ll see….

"Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said he knew nothing about a possible partnership with the library and seemed surprised by the news."

Doh!  I hope that this deal doesn’t fall through and get the hopes up of the many library users in Brooklyn.  Fingers crossed.

UpdateMichael has more.

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