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FCC Chairman proposes new Net Neutrality rules

CNET – “As expected, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski outlined a plan to keep the Internet open during a speech given at the Brookings Institute Monday. In his speech, Genachowski proposed that the FCC make its four principles of Network openness official regulation. And he suggested that the FCC add two more “principles” as part of these new rules.”

Read the remarks here and a blog post here

See also, OpenInternet.gov

Also, more news from AP

And this blog post, from David L. Cohen, Exec VP of Comcast (Thanks Simon!)

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Net neutrality gets a boost from leading Democrat

CNET – “Net neutrality supporters got a boost Thursday when Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said he had added himself as a co-sponsor to the Net neutrality bill introduced by Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.). The House Energy & Commerce Committee oversees the Federal Communications Commission. Waxman said during a hearing for the subcommittee Thursday that it was time to make sure rules were imposed to keep the Internet open.”

More here

View the participants statements, including those of Henry Waxman, here.

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EU lawmakers vote to introduce net neutrality

ZDNet – “The European Parliament has voted through a massive tranche of reforms for the European telecommunications sector, including a significant net-neutrality amendment. The Telecoms Package of laws was voted into force on Wednesday with a large majority, and must now be ratified by the Council of Telecoms Ministers. The vote marks the first time that internet access has been recognized in European law as a fundamental right on a par with freedom of expression.”

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