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Net neutrality goes on trial

“A federal court is set to hear arguments on Monday in a case that could shape the future of the Internet. Lawyers for the Federal Communications Commission will defend the agency’s controversial net neutrality regulations against a legal challenge from Verizon before a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Supporters of the rules say they preserve a free and open Internet, but opponents argue they are an unnecessary burden on businesses and amount to government control of the Internet.” (via The Hill’s Hillicon Valley)

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FCC Seeks New Plan for Web

WSJ – “Federal Communications Commission members began the work of relaunching their broadband strategy Wednesday, a day after a court threw out their earlier effort to police broadband traffic and even as Internet providers said no action at all would be best. The ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that the FCC has limited authority under current law to tell Internet providers how to manage their networks has put portions of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s National Broadband Plan at risk.”

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After Appeals Court Decision, Whither Net Neutrality?

LJ – “Narrow ruling stymies FCC authority to pursue policy, but new regulation may emerge”

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The FCC Loses—Again

WSJ – “To the surprise of no one, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to regulate how Internet service providers manage their networks. This validation of the rule of law over bureaucratic diktat is worth cheering. The question now is whether the Obama Administration will accept the decision or evade it by finding other ways to impose “net neutrality” rules on Comcast, AT&T and others.”

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Keeping cyberspace open to the public

BBC – “Bill Thompson doesn’t want to see the online commons enclosed by private interests.”

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