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NC library donates Nazi photos to Holocaust Museum

“A collection of photographs of Nazi Germany during World War II now belongs to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., after spending decades in North Carolina. The Perquimans County Library donated three volumes that depict Germany in 1939-41, The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City reported. The volumes have a German title that translates as “Greater Germany in the Affairs of the World.” Most of the photo albums were prepared as gifts for Nazi party leaders and contained photographs of German cities, official construction projects, art works, and Nazi activities, according to research by the Library of Congress.” (via AP)

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National Archives to house infamous Nazi papers

AP – “During the final days of World War II, as American soldiers were returning from Germany with swastika-inscribed helmets, flags and other Nazi memorabilia, Gen. George Patton was packing up his own set of souvenirs. The legendary field commander took four pages of documents signed by Adolf Hitler that laid the legal framework for killing 6 million Jews – the so-called Nuremberg Laws. On Wednesday, The Huntington Library, a sprawling complex of libraries, museums and botanical gardens in this leafy Los Angeles suburb, plans to hand over the documents to the government-run National Archives, thus concluding a 65-year-old odyssey.”

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Faber republish novel smuggled out of Nazi Germany in a cake

Guardian – “Jan Petersen’s Our Street, a million seller in its time, to reappear in publisher’s print-on-demand series.”

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Politician Files Wikipedia Charge over Nazi Symbols

Eweek – “A left-wing German politician has filed charges against online encyclopedia Wikipedia for promoting the use of banned Nazi symbols in Germany.”

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