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Is MySpace Good for Society?

Freakonomics – “Has social networking technology (blog-friendly phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) made us better or worse off as a society, either from an economic, psychological, or sociological perspective?”

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MySpace Agrees to Block Sexual Predators

AP – “MySpace.com has agreed with more than 45 states to add extensive measures to combat sexual predators.”

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It’s a Jungle Out There

James Niccolai – “Young people are compromising their career prospects posting personal information on social networking sites, a U.K. privacy watchdog warned.”

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No Space

KPTL – “If you want to use the popular socializing website mySpace at any Tulsa County library, you will be out of luck.”

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Books and MySpace

CNET – “Old-school book publishers are still trying to figure out how best to reach audiences on the Web and build online communities for their authors.”

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The Wife Wants to Know

Barbie asks a question to MySpace.

I love it that she has all of her online networks. She’s much better at it than me. I’m way to lazy to use anything but Twitter and my blog.

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Web 2.0 Lunch

What happens when the top 2.0 tools go to lunch?  Hilariousness ensues.

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