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Download Music For Free At DC Public Library

Press Release – “The DC Public Library now offers library cardholders access to more than 2 million songs to download on their MP3 players. Library users can keep the music they download. The files never expire. Music from Sony Music’s vast music collection and more than 10,000 independent artists are available at the library. Library users with valid library cards can download up to three music tracks each week — 156 songs a year —at no cost from the Library’s web site, dclibary.org. Songs can be searched by artist, song title and genre. “

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Digital music downloads at library a big hit

The State – “The songs of Adele, James Taylor, Kenny Chesney, Janis Joplin and thousands more are among the free music titles now available through a new digital download service at the Richland County Public Library. More than 13,000 music files have been downloaded since the library began offering its Freegal Music service in late June. “We have been blown away by the response,” said Tony Tallent, the library’s director of literacy and learning. “It has just been incredible. We knew that it was something the public would go for, and they sure have.”

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America gets a pre-1925 iTunes (RECORDINGS)

Washington Post – “The first ever jazz release. Yodeling. George Gershwin compositions. A reading of “Casey at the Bat.”

Metro reporter Justin Jouvenal reports that 10,000 pre-1925 recorded gems like these are now available for streaming at the just-launched National Jukebox, thanks to the Library of Congress and Sony.

“Call it America’s iTunes,” Jouvenal writes.”

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Library of Congress builds the record collection of the century

LA Times – “The sounds of everybody from Duke Ellington to Jelly Roll Morton to obscure surfer dudes are preserved at a Library of Congress facility in Virginia. Access is limited, but that is about to change.”

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UNT library’s music collection strikes chord with scholars

Dallas Morning News – “Morris Martin, while showing off the special collections room last week, paused to state the obvious. “Not many music libraries have cowboy boots,” he said.”

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Dewey Music

DeweyMusic – “a new interface for Archive.org’s wonderful public domain music library.” Very cool! (via)

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Digital music kiosks take another spin

CNET News – “The idea of a digital music kiosk, where customers can walk up, press a few buttons on a screen, and download music to some sort of portable storage medium (disc, phone, flash card), has been around for a few years now. Starbucks ended a two-year experiment with in-store CD burners back in 2006, and U.K. music retailer HMV began offering free downloads to USB drives from in-store kiosks in 2007.”

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Some Creative Commons Information

librarygrrrl.net – “I’ve been looking in lots of places for audio, image, and video files that some of my students can use for a project they’re working on in lab. Here are some of the neat things – all available either in the public domain or via Creative Commons licensing – I’ve found.”

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Writer’s voices: listen to rare recordings from the British Library Audio Book Review

Times Online – “Raymond Chandler and Virginia Woolf are among the writers sounding off in a new set of archive recordings.”

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Study Warns of Hearing Loss From Music Players

NYT – “Noise from personal music players is a routine annoyance for travelers on buses, trains and planes. But it also threatens permanent hearing loss for as many as 10 million Europeans who use them.”

One of those “doi” studies.

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