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Museum 2.0: Two Years Later

Nina Simon -  “Today, Museum 2.0 is celebrating its second birthday.”

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Museum 2.0 Turns 1.0

Congrats Nina.

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Social Strangers

Nina Simon – “I’ve been thinking recently about the “why” behind encouraging social interactions among strangers in museums.”

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Future of Librar*

Joel Garreau – “Print technology made bookstores and libraries ubiquitous. Now that the Internet’s Amazon delivers, however, half of all U.S. independent bookstores have disappeared and the booksellers that thrive have morphed. They are now centered on their cafes, couches and cappuccino machines. They strive to become not simply warehouses but experience places.” (via)

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Get a Grip

If you were offended by this, get off the Internet. Sheesh!

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Museums/Libraries/The “L” Word

Nina from MuseumTwo asked me to write a follow-up post to hers (which I linked to here). I’m a bit too busy so I asked if I could put the request on LS. Sure, she said. Anyone want to take her up on the offer?

She’s looking for some commentary on the word “Library” and how many see it as unhip, etc.

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Similar Animals

Museum 2.0: “Is “Museum” a 4-Letter Word (for visitors)?”

If you hate or love the “L” word, this post will strike a chord.

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