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U Montréal Cancels Subscriptions to 76% of Serials in Wiley Online Library

“On January 14, the Université de Montréal (UdeM) libraries announced that they are cancelling their subscriptions to 1,142 of 1,510 periodicals in the Wiley Online Library at the end of the month. New issues of the cancelled titles will no longer be available online to the UdeM community, but access to earlier issues will be maintained. In a news release, the libraries note that the cancellations are the result of several factors, including budget cuts imposed by the Québec government and annual subscription price increases between 3% and 6%.” (via ARL)

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Watch as public libraries reinvent themselves yet again

“Amid ever-evolving trends in technology, the question has come to me: Is there a future for the public library? And if so, what will that library look like? From what has been written on the subject, from my own experience and from talking to library consultants and futurists, the consensus is that the library of the future will be more and more of a social and knowledge hub for the community it serves. Libraries have been around in various forms for some 3,000 years. Throughout history, the role of the public library has been as a storehouse of universal knowledge, an archive of manuscripts, art and important documents, a centre for information and the collected record of a community’s history and culture. Has this mandate really changed in the ensuing years?”

via Montreal Gazette

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Video-game studios donate copies to local libraries to boost offerings

Montreal Gazette – “Montreal’s major video-game studios will help the city more than quadruple its collection of video games in local libraries. Ubisoft Montreal, Electronic Arts Canada, and Eidos Montreal announced on Friday they’ll donate 1,590 copies of video games to help bolster the collection of Montreal’s library network.

The agreement will allow games to be loaned out in all of Montreal’s 27 libraries, where previously only eight libraries had games collections. Montreal plans to make purchases to increase its total video-game collection from 1,280 to 5,000.”

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