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Rift opens over destruction of moldy books

“The destruction of almost 190,000 books, journals and documents has created a rift between a University of Missouri faculty committee and the school’s director of libraries. Committee members contend Jim Cogswell, director of libraries, did not inform them of the destruction of about 188,000 books, despite assurances they would be updated as efforts to save the books and documents continue. Cogswell admits communication should have been better but maintains he acted correctly.” (via Columbia Daily Tribune)

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Repair process begins for MU Libraries’ moldy books

“MU Libraries has started shipping half of the 600,000 books affected by mold last fall to be repaired in Texas by the restoration company Belfor. MU Libraries’ lease on the underground Subtera cavern, where mold was initially discovered, ends June 1. MU will ship as many books as possible to Belfor’s Texas site to be repaired before the Subtera lease ends, said classical studies professor Dan Hooley, who heads the Faculty Council committee working with MU Libraries.” (via Columbia Missourian)

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Mold mars 600,000 MU volumes stored at off-campus facility

“University of Missouri Libraries officials face tough choices as they consider what to do with 600,000 mold-covered books at an off-campus storage facility. The volumes are stored at Subtera, an underground storage facility off Stadium Boulevard in north Columbia. Jim Cogswell, director of MU Libraries, said library staff discovered the mold problem in October.

An on-campus environmental health and safety officer has been studying the issue since then and last week issued a report that identified the mold as aspergillus and/or penicillium — common types of mold that don’t pose a health threat, MU spokesman Christian Basi said.” (via Columbia Daily Tribune)

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