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New Census App Helps Users Find Local Statistics on the Go

“The U.S. Census Bureau today released dwellr, a new mobile app that delivers on-the-go access to key demographic, socio-economic and housing statistics for thousands of places across the nation. Powered by American Community Survey statistics, dwellr can pull up a list of U.S. locations that matches users’ preferences for such variables as city size, geographic region, job type and income. Users can also learn more about where they are by a simple tap of the screen that reveals educational levels, housing values and commute times.” (via U.S. Census Bureau)

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Airtel Wikipedia Zero partnership to pilot Wikipedia via text

“Today Airtel and the Wikimedia Foundation announced a partnership to launch Wikipedia Zero, an initiative to provide free access to Wikipedia on mobile phones. This partnership with Airtel will help provide Wikipedia access to 70 million new users in sub-saharan Africa, starting in Kenya. One exciting aspect of this partnership is that we are reaching a group of people we’ve never been able to reach before: mobile phone customers who don’t have internet access.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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Boston Public Library Launches Free Mobile Catalog for on-the-Go Cardholders

“Boston Public Library (BPL) recently launched its much-anticipated BPL mobile catalog, offering library users instant access to its online catalog through Android and iOS mobile devices, including a mobile web browser version that presents visitors with a display specifically designed to fit small screens. “We are thrilled to now offer a mobile catalog; it is a valuable resource and option that allows our collections to be easily accessible to our library users anytime, anywhere,” said Amy E. Ryan, President of the Boston Public Library.” (via Boston Public Library)

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Edit Wikipedia on the go

“Have you ever looked up something quickly on Wikipedia on your phone, noticed a small mistake, and wished you could fix it on the spot? Or maybe you didn’t realize that you could contribute? Now you can help keep Wikipedia and its sister projects up-to-date and accurate when you’re on the go by editing from your phone. Wikipedia’s quality content is built by ordinary people all over the world watching and editing articles every day. Anyone with a computer can edit, but with over 15% of our users accessing Wikipedia on mobile devices and growing, the Wikimedia Foundation had to do more to let anyone with Internet access contribute to the sum of all human knowledge. For this reason, we’ve just released a new feature: editing for mobile.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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Site streamlines book hunting on the go in Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield

Daily Camera – “Book lovers on the go now have an easier way to find out if titles are available at Boulder- and Broomfield-area libraries, which have launched a redesigned Web site especially for mobile phones. Card catalogs are the way of the past, according to Matthew Hamilton, the manager for Boulder’s library innovation and technology. “We have been seeing increased use of our Web site on mobile devices,” Hamilton said.”

Congrats Matt!!

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