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MIT encourages students to “hack” the library

“A report published last Monday by MIT’s Task Force on the Future of Libraries encouraged members of the MIT community to “hack the library” in an effort to reinvent the modern research library.   This long-term “hack” is to create a library of the future: one that is “interactive, responsive, and collaborative,” according to the report.” (via

Source: The Tech)

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MIT task force releases preliminary “Future of Libraries” report

“An MIT task force is releasing a preliminary report featuring a set of proposals aimed at steering MIT’s library system toward becoming an “open global platform” enabling the “discovery, use, and stewardship of information and knowledge” for future generations. The report, based on a year of work since the formation of the task force, contains general recommendations intended to develop “a global library for a global university,” while strengthening the library system’s relationship with the local academic community and public sphere.” (via MIT)

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MIT’s new visualization tool is a goldmine for data nerds

“Love impressing your pals with all there is to know about computer science? Or perhaps state geography is more your thing? MIT Media Lab, in partnership with Deloitte and the data visualization startup Datawheel, has just gone live with perhaps the most extensive tool ever created for mining and visualizing US government open data, called Data USA.” (via The Next Web)

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MIT Libraries supporting Open Library of Humanities

“The MIT Libraries have joined the Open Library of Humanities’ (OLH), an academic-led, all open access publisher of humanities journals. The platform, which has funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, covers its costs by payments from an international library consortium, rather than any kind of author fee. The platform hosts peer-reviewed open access journals in the humanities, as well as OLH’s own multidisciplinary open access journal.” (via MIT Libraries News)

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Libraries join global consortium to improve sharing of image-based resources

“Access to image-based resources — whether books, maps, scrolls, manuscripts, musical scores, or archival material — is critical for research and scholarship. But too often, such images are inaccessible because they are stored in custom, locally built applications that do not work with one another. A growing community of the world’s leading research libraries and image repositories aims to change that. The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) initiative was conceived to support uniform and rich access to images for scholars and students. The MIT Libraries have joined the IIIF Consortium as a founding member, working with other global leaders from national, state, and research libraries, as well as foundations, museums, and non-profit image services.” (via MIT)

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