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Fear and Loathing in the Online Office Suite

Popular Science – “Wherein The Grouse tries to save some dough by abandoning Word.”

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Microsoft Research shows new search projects

New stuff from Microsoft. I’m waiting for Office to go online…

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Students and Copyright: Discipline and Punish?

Andy Carvin – “Microsoft has just come out with a new survey on student’s attitudes towards online copyright. The research suggests that very few students have a strong understanding of the issue, but it also makes me wonder just how they’re defining the nature of copyright, and whether it takes into account fair use as much as it should.”

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Talking Word Documents

Elsa Wenzel – “Microsoft and open-source site SourceForge will offer a free plug-in early next year that will convert Office 2007 files to the DAISY format that translates text to speech.”

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More on Book Scanning

Shaun Mullen – “I have more than a passing acquaintance with the question of whether electronic media will replace books because of my day job in a rare book and manuscript library that sits within a larger library with nearly 3 million bound volumes and millions of electronic resources.”

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