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Post of the Month

From Michael McGrorty – “Somebody once asked me what it was like to be depressed. I couldn’t tell them. The fact is, I don’t really know. You see, I’ve been depressed all my life.”

Read the whole thing. And props for Michael for telling it.

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More Cream

Michael McGrorty – “The Two-oh folk are treading in the right direction, to be sure. The problem is that they are talking about themselves—and about other people who are willing and able to make the sort of changes, do the sort of constant reevaluative activity required, having begun from a sound base of skill and desire. They are the cream of the library world, talking about making butter with a little churning. What they, and the rest of us need to do is give them more cream and less whey to work with.”

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Planting the DDC

Michael McGrorty – “This morning, as I was weeding the herb garden at the local arboretum, I realized that I could classify the plants by either Dewey or LC if I so desired. Not a bad exchange for a few years of time and tuition.”

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