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New WorldCat Metadata API will enable OCLC members, partners to build new applications for libraries to catalog in WorldCat

“OCLC has launched the new WorldCat Metadata API that will enable member libraries and partners to build and share applications on the OCLC WorldShare Platform for libraries to catalog their collections in WorldCat. The WorldCat Metadata API supports a variety of cataloging functionality for libraries to catalog their collections in WorldCat. Libraries will be able to create applications with the new API to add new and enrich existing WorldCat bibliographic records, and maintain WorldCat institution holdings and local bibliographic data.” (via OCLC)

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OCLC Report Examines Use of Social Metadata at Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Infotoday – “OCLC Research has released a new report titled “Social Metadata for Libraries, Archives, and Museums, Part 1: Site Reviews.” The report seeks to provide an overview of social metadata to enable cultural heritage institutions to better utilize their users’ expertise and enrich their descriptive metadata to improve their users’ experiences.
Metadata helps users locate resources that meet their specific needs. But metadata also helps us to understand the data we find and helps us to evaluate what we should spend our time on. Traditionally, staff at libraries, archives, and museums (LAMs) create metadata for the content they manage. However, social metadata—content contributed by users—is evolving as a way to both augment and recontextualize the content and metadata created by LAMs. Many cultural heritage institutions are interested in gaining a better understanding of social metadata and also learning how to best utilize their users’ expertise to enrich their descriptive metadata and improve their users’ experiences.”

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A new angle on Google Books

Tom Roper – “I discovered on Languagelog a different slant on the question, an analysis of the quality of the metadata in Google Books. It’s alarming. ”

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