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The Bloggers Among Us

Meredith Farkas wrote a piece in LJ about her librarian bloggers survey that had us all discussing the usefulness of blogging surveys…again.

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IL Here We Come

Meredith Farkas – “Oh boy, this is going to be quite a week!”

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I Was Hoping Meredith Would Comment on This

Farkas – “What I love most about the library blogosphere is that we’re not judged by our CVs, but by the content of our writing.”

Meredith is my favorite librar* blogger of all time. Hands down. Luv ya!

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A Quote Filled Day

Oh Meredith, how I love your blog posts – “[B]y dismissing critics or simplifying their arguments, we only make our own arguments less convincing.”


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Meredith Gives Us A Taste

From her survey results, she says: “Want to be happy? Well, you may want to become a school librarian, work in a law library or work for a consortium or library system, because those three got the highest scores for job satisfaction. Corporate and public librarians had the lowest levels of job satisfaction.”

Yay for Law Librarian Bloggers. 🙂

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