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Dr. Wikipedia: The ‘Double-Edged Sword’ Of Crowd-Sourced Medicine

“Wikipedia has become a go-to source for definitions, celebrity facts, and now, medical information. A study by the IMS Health Institute published in January names Wikipedia as the “single leading source” of health care information for both patients and health care professionals. Unfortunately, some of that information is wrong. “I think that’s the double-edged sword of Wikipedia,” Dr. Amin Azzam tells NPR’s Arun Rath. “Because anyone can edit, we don’t necessarily know the expertise of the people doing the editing. One the other hand, the reason it’s so popular is because everyone can contribute.” (via NPR)

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McGill’s medical library is closing, staff say

“McGill University’s insistence that its Life Sciences Library in the faculty of medicine building is not closing has some staff members calling the situation “laughable.” “Yes, they’re leaving the name on the door in the McIntyre Medical Building,” said Angella Lambrou, a liaison librarian for the school of nursing who has been working there for 30 years. “But the entire collection is moving. So it’s going to be a library without any books in it.” David Roseman, vice-president of labour relations for MUNACA, the union representing library assistants, also scoffed at the idea that the medical library — the first of its kind in Canada, dating from 1823 — isn’t closing.” (via Montreal Gazette)

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$55M University of Michigan library renovation to reflect changing medical profession

“University of Michigan’s Board of Regents Thursday unanimously approved the design for a $55 million renovation of the Taubman Health Sciences Library. Plans include moving much of the library’s print collection to other areas and making way for classrooms, computer labs and spaces that support group collaboration and facilitate simulation and other technology-rich assessments. The conversion of library space, which primarily is used by medical and pharmaceutical researchers and students, reflects the changing reality of medicine and other health professions, U-M officials say.” (via Ann Arbor.com)

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The Values of Libraries Study: An Update

“In the fall of 2010, UPMC physicians, residents, and nurses were invited to participate in the initial phase of a multi-site survey of the role of library information resources in improving patient care. The results of the full study were recently published.1 In this study, clinicians from 118 hospitals completed an online survey that asked them to think of an occasion when they required additional information for a patient care issue, and to then answer questions about the impact of access to library information resources on patient outcomes for that particular case.”

via HSLS Update

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