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Marketing Ahead of The Curve

Micah Buchdahl – “Many lawyers like to be trendy and fashionable. In law firm marketing circles, you are not exactly Nostradamus when advising people with incredible predictions of “new” marketing ideas—blogs, podcasts, annual reports, CRM systems—among them. They were new and trendy many years ago, and most catch on just about the time advanced marketers are on to the next great thing.”

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Good Marketing

Jeremiah Owyang – “Connie has done something right.”

Go Connie. 🙂

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Librar* Marketing

Library Nation – “Today I was reminded of how small the library online community is, and how important it is to plan for the unexpected.”

Heh. I didn’t realize that I could still do that? Talk about power. 🙂

You can buy the cool looking shirts here.

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Be Assertive!

Stephen Abram – “I suspect that we’re not being assertive enough. Too many of us try to influence subtly. Too many of us are not direct enough. Too many of us only use a small range of the tools in the marketer’s toolkit. Many think people will notice the good work we do naturally. They won’t. And too many of us believe that it’s just good enough to be right, good, and to tell folks stuff. It’s not.”

Right on brotha!

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They Compare

Jill Stover – “Whether consciously or not, patrons are always comparing you to your competitors and asking themselves how you’re different from them.”

I love everything Jill publishes. If you don’t subscribe to her blog, what are you waiting for? She has taught me a lot over the past few years.

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