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Marin, other libraries bouncing back after recession

“When was the last time you passed by a public library and saw that it was closed? The recession made that a common sight but now, libraries are starting to bounce back. “When I went to a library when I was young, it was just books and that’s how I thought of libraries as just books,” Marin City Library Webstars Coordinator Etienne Douglas said. So what in the world is a 3D printer doing at the library.” (via abc7news.com)

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Marin’s top librarian: Public has right to know

“Marin County’s chief librarian is a public information advocate who believes libraries must become increasingly relevant to the communities they serve. “The challenge I face as the leader for the Marin County Free Library is determining how to be the library that thrives and provides truly exceptional service to the community,” said Sara Jones, who took over last month. Exceptional service, she added, means that people get what they want in the formats they seek when and where they need them” (via Marin Independent Journal)

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