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Macmillan adds over 9,000 titles to OverDrive Marketplace

“Macmillan has added 9,300 eBook titles to their existing offerings available for library lending in OverDrive Marketplace. These titles, which include best sellers from Matthew Quick, Bill O’Reilly, Janet Evanovich and many others, will be available to add to your library collection later today. According to Macmillan’s Sales Division President, Alison Lazarus, “Macmillan is increasing our title selection to include all of our backlist e-books.” She added, “Essentially anything published 12 months ago or longer will be made available for eLending.  This expansion of approximately 9,300 titles includes many requested books and we will continue to add backlist books as they become eligible on a monthly basis.” (via Overdrive)

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Macmillan to Offer Entire E-book Backlist to Libraries

“Less than a year after launching a pilot with its Minotaur Press imprint, Macmillan officials today confirmed that it will expand its library e-book offerings to include its entire e-book backlist, more than 11,000 titles. Alison Lazarus, president of Macmillan’s sales division, confirmed the news to PW, saying the decision to expand library lending was made as part of the publisher’s “ongoing evaluation of e-lending.”`Frontlist titles will not be included in the program at this time. Titles will be available to libraries through OverDrive, 3M and Baker & Taylor, and also Recorded Books for audio. There were no reported changes in the model Macmillan uses or pricing at this time. Once purchased by a library, e-book titles will be available to lend for two years or 52 lends, whichever comes first, and titles in the pilot were priced at $25.” (via Publishers Weekly)

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Macmillan Leaves Simon & Schuster Standing Alone

“With each passing month, more ebooks are becoming available to libraries for purchase. Patrons are asking for them; librarians, in turn, are trying to get them from publishers; and publishers, sometimes reluctantly, are selling their ebooks to libraries. Yesterday, Macmillan made good on its declaration from Sept. of last year to test selling ebooks to libraries. It will make 1,200 back-list titles available from its Minotaur mystery and crime imprint. They can be lent out 52 times or over two years – whichever comes first – before the library has to buy them again. They will cost libraries $25 each, about two-to-three times what they cost for consumers to buy them.”

via Digital Book World

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