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A Long Way From Wax Cylinders, Library Of Congress Slowly Joins The Digital Age

“Gene DeAnna sits at a computer next to a vintage victrola, appropriate for his job as curator of the National Jukebox project. It’s an online collection of some 10,000 pre-1925 recordings, made acoustically, without any electrical amplification. DeAnna points to a photo on the jukebox’s webpage.”You can see in this picture here that they gathered the orchestra around a great big recording horn and behind the curtain there is a cutter that is cutting the recording into a wax master,” he said.And 90 years later, these primitive recordings can be heard right on your laptop with a few mouse clicks.” (via NPR)

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Library of Congress Begins Posting Its Recorded Poetry Archive

“To celebrate National Poetry Month, the Library of Congress has posted online some 50 recordings from its Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature, including readings and lectures by Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, Gwendolyn Brooks, Czeslaw Milosz and Paul Muldoon.” (via NYTimes.com)

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Library of Congress: the Unexpected Diplomat

“One doesn’t typically expect terrorism to become a topic of discussion at hearing about library funding. But that’s exactly what happened on March 17, as the Senate Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee assessed the budget requests of the Library of Congress and the Architect of the Capitol. “You’re the world’s resource and we’ve been reading the news reports of ISIS members destroying artifacts of ancient civilizations,” the panel’s chairwoman, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, said to Librarian of Congress James H. Billington, teeing up a question about a little-known aspect of the Library of Congress.” (via Roll Call)

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Lawmakers want Library of Congress reforms but not librarian’s resignation

“After a federal watchdog’s report that found widespread mismanagement at the Library of Congress, several lawmakers called for reforms at the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution.But none called for Librarian of Congress James H. Billington to step down.Members of key oversight committees voiced concern over the Government Accountability Office report that found the library did not know what computer hardware or software it owned, how much it spent for them or for information technology staffing. The GAO also found the library did not have appropriate policies to prevent IT cost overruns or duplication of services, and its investigators uncovered lax security and privacy policies that put both the library and its users at risk.” (via The Washington Post)

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America’s ‘national library’ is lacking in leadership, yet another report finds

“The federal government’s watchdog agency released a critical report Tuesday on the Library of Congress’s long-standing failures to manage the complex computer systems that are vital to its mission. The result of a year-long investigation by the Government Accountability Office, the report reveals a work environment lacking central oversight and faults Librarian of Congress James H. Billington for ignoring repeated calls to hire a chief information officer, as required by law.” (via The Washington Post)

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“A Houston housewife who has quietly collected rare Civil War images for 50 years has sold more than 500 early photographs to the Library of Congress. The library announced the acquisition Sunday and is placing the first 77 images online. On Friday, 87-year-old Robin Stanford delivered the historic stereograph images from her collection to the library.” (via The Associated Press)


Rosa Parks Collection Comes To Library Of Congress

“Thousands of letters, writings and notes by civil rights icon Rosa Parks were opened to researchers this week at the Library of Congress. Audie Cornish speaks with Senior Archives Specialist Margaret Mcaleer, who curated the material, about some of the lesser-known aspects of Park’s life, including her correspondence with her husband Raymond, their deep dive into poverty and a secret family recipe.” (via NPR)

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Common Ground: Exploring Compatibilities Between the Linked Data Models of the Library of Congress and OCLC

“Jointly released by OCLC and the Library of Congress, this white paper compares and contrasts the compatible linked data initiatives at both institutions.  It is an executive summary of a more detailed technical analysis that will be released later this year.” (via OCLC)

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In a kingdom of books, nation’s librarian champions digital age

“For more than 25 years, Billington has been the librarian of Congress, a title that sounds rarefied, which, in fact, it is; only a dozen others have held the post since the library began in 1800. In the age of the Internet, it also might sound somewhat dated. Yet the 85-year-old scholar has been one of the country’s most aggressive advocates, moving the resources of the library online and expanding its educational outreach through 21st century technology. “It’s the greatest revolution since the invention of moveable type and the printing press,” said Billington, who championed the World Digital Library, which began linking libraries around the world in 2009. “This was big.” Billington is, quite simply, a keeper of American culture, not just the keeper of books. He is charged with preserving the past while also expanding the library’s reach by keeping it tune with the moment – in music, in film, in various forms of human literary and artistic expression.” (via McClatchy DC)

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New Films Added to National Registry

“The horrors of war, the heroism of sacrifice, a vaudeville pioneer, the devil and a master of the macabre represent the diversity of an elite selection of films that have been recognized as cultural, historic or aesthetic cinematic treasures. Librarian of Congress James H. Billington announced today the annual selection of 25 motion pictures to be named to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. Selection to the registry will help ensure that these films will be preserved for all time. “The National Film Registry showcases the extraordinary diversity of America’s film heritage and the disparate strands making it so vibrant,” said Billington. “By preserving these films, we protect a crucial element of American creativity, culture and history.” (via Library of Congress)

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