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Dallas on path to becoming one of the few U.S. cities to regulate Little Free Libraries

“After a year-long case of writer’s block, Dallas City Hall is one step away from issuing rules that will regulate Little Free Libraries.On Monday morning, a Dallas City Council committee signed off on a proposal that would limit the size and location of community book exchanges that have taken root in some two dozen Dallas residents’ front yards.  As far as city officials can tell, if the full council gives its blessing, Dallas will become one of the only cities in the country to specifically regulate the take-a-book, leave-a-book boxes, which, in the past, have been subject to building laws and zoning codes.” (via Dallas Morning News)

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New Little Libraries, Just In Time For Fireside Reading

“There’s something magical about spending this season’s long, dark nights inside the pages of a book. If you’re searching for your next good read, you just might find it at a little free library – possibly one of the two new little libraries in Chittenden County. Vermont has over 20 Little Free Libraries listed on the interactive world map of registered Little Free Libraries. Among them is a library opening this week at 21 Bernard St., in Winooski. That library is sponsored by Marron Holdings owner Ron Stotyn. According to a press announcement, Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard will deliver remarks at a dedication ceremony on Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 3 p.m. It is the first Little Free Library listed in Winooski.” (via Vermont Public Radio)

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Madison to be named Little Free Libraries’ first ‘City of Distinction’

“According to the founder of the Little Free Libraries movement, Madison is the city that made it all possible — and, this weekend, Madison will receive the organization’s first “City of Distinction” award in recognition of that. “When I started this, I thought to myself, ‘Where in this country would you test this to see if it’s viable?” said Todd Bol, creator of the movement that now spans the globe. “I thought it had to be a fairly innovative, progressive place that would embrace literacy and family and community and I thought: ‘Madison.’” (via Madison.com)

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Brampton family fights city’s demand to tear down little library

“Carter and Rachel Popoff have always been voracious readers. As kids, the now teen siblings from Brampton loved snuggling up on the couch with their parents and a good book. They would spend summers raising thousands of dollars for their school library through lemonade stands and would never refuse a trip to Chapters to expand their home collection. So last year, when their mother took the hundreds of tales they amassed through their childhood and turned them into a little free library on the quiet, sidewalk-free Byng St. side of their corner-lot house on Mill St. South, the pair adored watching families stroll up to the nook to take or return books.” (via Toronto Star)

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Little Free Libraries popping up worldwide

“Since Liz Siegel and Greg Jacobs live two blocks from the Sulzer Regional Library in Lincoln Square, logic would dictate that there really is no need for their sidewalk kiosk stocked with free books for anyone. But there is. The couple is part of the Little Free Library movement, a grass-roots wave of people around the world who are dedicating time and money to maintaining a free-standing book exchange on their front lawns, all in the name of literacy and community building. “I love the conversations with strangers it sparked,” says Siegel, 46, a curator at the Art Institute of Chicago. She, her husband and two daughters will often sit on their porch and talk to strangers about the books they might leaf through. They’ve met neighbors they had never met in their many years living in Lincoln Square.” (via Chicago Tribune)

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