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Tim Goes Off On Shelfari

Tim Spalding – “We respect our competitors with one exception: the site “Shelfari.com.”

Shame on Shelfari. I, for one, will not blog about them anymore, unless they change their practices.

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20 Million Books!

Congrats to Tim Spalding and his crew of Thingers.

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More On The Missing Material At The LOC

Tim Spalding – “It’s too bad asking users for help is harder in the physical than in the digital world—although I’m sure a lot of thingamabrarians would pay for the privilege of rolling a cart through the LC’s stacks…”

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LibraryThing @ Bowdoin College

Campus News – “When you think of online social networking, the “friending” that goes on among popular Web sites MySpace and Facebook may come to mind, but book lovers in particular are checking out a social network that has become a Web page turner of its own”

Update: Typo fixed. Thanks Alisia

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David Weinberger: “Tim Spalding at LibraryThing has introduced a new wrinkle in the tagosphere…and wrinkles are welcome because they pucker space in semantically interesting ways.”

Tim Spalding: “Free copies of Everything is Miscellaneous”

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What Are Thingers Posting Right Now

This could be more addicting than Digg Spy.

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Replace Librarians With LibraryThing?

Zach Sims thinks it will:

“Now, with a single click, users can access reviews, analysis, book information, and more. In addition, they can talk about the book with friends and other website participants, making the necessity of proximity a thing of the past for those looking to form book groups. The new services also seek to replace librarians. Along with Amazon’s backend for book recommendations, the two new services hope to provide suggestions to users on books they might like by utilizing the books they list in their profile. Do librarians know of every book you’ve liked and disliked? I doubt it.”

Oh yeah, I bet that’s exactly what Tm Spalding had in mind when he created it. 😉


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Amazon Tagging RSS Feeds

Amazon has introduced RSS Feeds for tagging items.

So, Amazoners can tag books. So can LibraryThingers. I wonder if someone can write a script combining the two. Oh Tim!!!

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