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What Digital Media Can Learn From Books

Arvin Dang – “Libraries, where books can be borrowed completely free seems completely unconventional right? If video content were offered on a public level similar to libraries, who’s losing out?”

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Drive-through window at Decatur library?

Not exactly…

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More on Bush Sr. Library

Michael Landauer – “In the 10 years since the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum opened in College Station, its eponym has traveled the world a few times over and experienced dozens of other museums. And he has taken notes.”

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Short Books

“Welcome to the lazylibrary, where you can find books on any topic without having to worry about high page counts. If it’s over 200 pages, you won’t even see it. Read all about anything, in less time, for (usually) less money. Search away.” (via)

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Long Tail?

New Yorker in London – “The library may not have much—a more limited selection than a giant bookstore, and books that aren’t as shiny and smooth to hold— but it always has something. A source of small treasure and just around the corner. And even better: you don’t need money.”

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Library Myths

Judith Flanders – “The popular notion that people don’t want to borrow books any more is well overdue for revision.”

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Lovin’ Libraries

C.W. Nevius – “To the surprise of nearly everyone, libraries are hot. The city’s Main Library has such a rush of visitors every morning when they open that one staffer jokingly refers to it as, “the running of the bulls.”

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How About This For a First Sentence?

WIBW – “Wichita police say a security guard tasered a man who had been masturbating in the downtown Wichita library on Tuesday. The guard and a librarian say the man threatened them with a straight-edged knife.”

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Welcoming Libraries

Chanel Polk – “I go there all year but I read like crazy anyway. I’ve been of the opinion that if I couldn’t read I would have shot myself a long time ago. Of course I don’t mean that seriously, but I don’t know what else I would do,” he said.

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Heck No, We Won’t Go

Boston Globe – “Library directors remember the talk, not long ago, of technology rendering libraries obsolete. But statistics show that the opposite has occurred.” (via)

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