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Why the Library of Congress’s Twitter Archive Can’t Get Off the Ground

“In 2010, the Library of Congress and Twitter announced a historic and incongruous partnership: Together, they would archive and preserve every tweet ever posted, creating a massive store of short-form thoughts. It was odd: a 210-year-old institution partnering with a four-year-old startup, cataloging the internet’s ephemeral #brunchtweets. It was also fascinating: equal parts futuristic and anachronistic. I imagined library scribes copying tweets by hand onto vellum or cranking feeds through a printing press. The news actually frightened some folks: Does this mean my future grandkids will read my live-tweets of Parks and Recreation?” (via The Atlantic)

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Library Announces Grant Recipients for Educational App Development

“The Library of Congress today announced the selection of two organizations that will receive a total of $489,219 during the next two years to support the development of engaging web- and mobile-based applications on the subjects of Congress and civic participation, for use in K-12 classrooms. These applications, to be completed by the end of the funding period, will be made available to teachers and students at no charge.” (via Library of Congress)

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Another Word for ‘Illegal Alien’ at the Library of Congress: Contentious 

Melissa Padilla was doing research on immigration in her university library at Dartmouth College when she noticed the term “illegal aliens” popping up again and again. The more she saw it, the angrier she became. “This term, and the way people used it to criminalize the choices our parents made in order to provide us with better lives, completely detracts from the brave choices and obstacles we overcame in order to survive,” said Ms. Padilla, 26, who was an undocumented immigrant for 15 years after her parents brought her to the United States from Mexico when she was 7. “I’m not illegal. I’m a survivor that continues to work toward a better future.” (via The New York Times)

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Library of Congress has 163 million items; one day they might fit on dot of copper

“Got a dollar bill? Take it out and look at George Washington’s picture. Focus on the pupil in one of his eyes. That pupil is the size of a smidgen of copper that theoretically could store the entire contents of the Library of Congress, using nanotechnology developed by scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. (According to the Library of Congress website, the contents include 162 million items stored on about 838 miles of shelves.) The scientists wrote about their breakthrough, the densest method yet developed to store rewritable digital data — in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, and it’s explained in an accessible way by William Herkewitz in the June edition of Popular Mechanics magazine.” (via The Washington Post)

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Library of Congress wracked by DNS attack

“The Library of Congress was the target of a denial-of-service attack that has knocked out Congress.gov and the U.S. Copyright Office website, and caused outages at other sites hosted by the library. Library spokesperson Gayle Osterberg told FCW that the DNS attack was launched July 17 and continues to affect library operations, including internal websites and employee email.” (via FCW)

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