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Federal Register Volumes Now Available Online

“Where can you get back issues of the Federal Register online? The Law Library of Congress has now completed the collection of historical volumes of the Federal Register available online. The Law Library acquired this collection from William S. Hein & Co., Inc. to make all volumes of the Federal Register available in open access to researchers. The collection starts with the first Federal Register in 1936 and contains all volumes through 1993. For more recent volumes, see federalregister.gov and FDSys (volumes 1994-2015).” (via LOC)

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A Fight Over ‘Aliens’

“In 2014, Melissa Padilla, an immigrant from Mexico, was dismayed to find while doing research for a paper at Dartmouth College that all articles about undocumented students were archived under the heading “illegal aliens.” When she led a group of students to ask the college library to consider phasing out the term, they expected, at best, to make a statement at the campus. But their request triggered a political fight that has drawn in lawmakers engaged in the immigration debate.Dartmouth librarians told the students that indexing terms were set by the Library of Congress, but agreed to raise their concern with the American Library Association.” (via The New York Times)

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New Email Alerts and RSS Feeds on Congress.gov

“Last year’s most viewed new post on In Custodia Legis was Legislation Email Alerts on Congress.gov.  The email alerts are an excellent addition to the system that allow you to track a specific piece of legislation, what a Member of Congress is sponsoring and cosponsoring, and when the next issue of the Congressional Record is available.Building on those email alerts, there is now an additional set of email alerts and the first RSS feeds that you can subscribe to from Congress.gov.” (via In Custodia Legis)

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House Appropriators Narrowly Vote to Politicize LC Subject Heading Choices

“The full House Appropriations Committee met earlier today to “mark up” (amend and vote on) legislation to fund the Legislative Branch for FY 2017. As previously reported and expected, language inserted in the official Report accompanying the bill at the Subcommittee level essentially instructing the Library not to implement proposed changes to the subject headings “aliens” and “illegal aliens” was hotly debated. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL23), the Ranking Member (most senior Democrat) of the Legislative Branch Subcommittee, spoke passionately and at length in support of her amendment to remove that language from the Report. She was joined by full Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Nita Lowey and by many other Members of the minority. The amendment also was supported by a joint letter, entered into the record, by the Chairs of the Hispanic, Black, and Asian Pacific American Caucuses.” (via District Dispatch)

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Fight brews over forcing library to use ‘illegal alien’

“A fight over illegal immigration is making its way into a typically noncontroversial annual spending bill to fund legislative branch activities.Republicans are trying to reverse a decision made by the Library of Congress in March to stop using the term “illegal aliens” in its subject headings, which it deemed “pejorative,” and replace the phrase with “noncitizens” or “unauthorized immigration.”But Democrats, led by members of the Congressional Hispanic, Asian Pacific American and Black caucuses, are protesting the inclusion of a measure to force the Library of Congress to use “illegal aliens” again in the annual legislative branch spending bill that provides funding for the institution.” (via The Hill)

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New Bill Will Require Library of Congress to Continue Use of ‘Illegal Alien’ in Subject Headings

“While the Library of Congress effectively scrubbed the terms “aliens” and “illegal aliens” from its subject headings last month, legislation set to be introduced Wednesday could change that.The short bill doesn’t require the Library of Congress to unequivocally use the phrases; rather it mandates that the research library “continue using the term ‘illegal alien’ just as they were previously,” Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) told TheBlaze Tuesday.” (via TheBlaze.com)

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The Library of Congress Will Ditch the Subject Heading “Illegal Aliens”

“What’s in a name? When it comes to Library of Congress subject headings, there’s plenty. The subject lines are an integral part of the world’s most widely used library indexing tool, the basis for thousands of daily searches around the globe. And now, reports the Dartmouth, the Library of Congress will revise its subject heading of “illegal aliens” due to feedback from student activists.In 2014, the Dartmouth Coalition for Immigration Reform, Equality and DREAMers (CoFIRED), a group dedicated to advancing the rights of undocumented students, first petitioned the Library of Congress to get rid of the term “illegal alien” in its cataloging system in favor of the term “undocumented immigrant.” (via Smithsonian)

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Library of Congress to Digitize PBS NewsHour Collection

“If you’ve missed out on the past 30 years of PBS NewsHour you’re in luck, 32 years of broadcasts will be persevered and available online through the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. The Library of Congress, public media producer WGBH and WETA, Washington D.C., will handle the digitization of PBS NewsHour programs from 1975 to 2007. Funding for the endeavor is coming from the Council on Library and Information Resources.” (via TV Technology)

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Library of Congress Case Highlights Questions of Oversight

“The case of a fired Library of Congress staffer is prompting questions about whether the institution is being properly overseen by Congress and whether library employees have a fair process to appeal personnel decisions — including from members of Congress.Suzanne Hogan, 58, who worked as a special assistant to former Librarian of Congress James H. Billington for 11 years, was officially terminated in August. She is in the process of appealing her decision via a discrimination complaint, but is calling on Congress’ own independent agency, the Office of Compliance, to intervene, alleging she does not have an avenue for due process.” (via Roll Call)

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New Library of Congress CIO Looks to Right the Ship

“For the first time since 2012, the Library of Congress has a permanent chief information officer to oversee technology at the more than 200-year-old institution. Bernard A. Barton Jr. became the new CIO on Sept. 8, taking the helm of information technology at the library which was the subject of a scathing Government Accountability Office report in April.” (via Roll Call)

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