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A More Powerful School Library Catalogue

“It seems like just a few months ago that I received the exciting news that my Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Early Career Researcher Grant, Digital Libraries to School Libraries, was funded in 2009. So much has happened since IMLS featured the project on its website. No stranger to funded research, I know that grant projects have a way of succumbing to unforeseen external forces that make implementation a little tougher than was envisioned at proposal time. While this project has certainly had its share of surprises and adjustments, it has also had its share of successes. I’m pleased to share a big one with you here. Digital Libraries to School Libraries (DL2SL) is a project designed to offer solutions for school librarians’ pressing challenges in budget, curriculum, and technology. As the educators who lead the development of the school’s learning resource base, school librarians must have strategies to ensure learners’ ready access to high-quality, exciting, curriculum-linked materials.”

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