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An Oyster, Filled With Books, to Open on Staten Island – NYTimes.com

“No one has to tell Mohammed Iddrisu that a public library branch is long overdue in his neighborhood, Mariners Harbor, on the north shore of Staten Island. Mr. Iddrisu, 61, raised three school-age children on South Avenue. When they went to the library — and Mr. Iddrisu said he made sure they did so regularly — they had to travel two and a half miles to the Port Richmond branch. Including the wait for a bus, the trip could take an hour or so.” (via NYTimes.com)

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How Americans Value Public Libraries in Their Communities

“Americans strongly value the role of public libraries in their communities, both for providing access to materials and resources and for promoting literacy and improving the overall quality of life. Most Americans say they have only had positive experiences at public libraries, and value a range of library resources and services.” (via Pew Internet Libraries)

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Supersized Cartoon Library Welcomes ‘All Geeks And Dorks’

“Comic book lovers have a new paradise. It’s not the Batcave or the Fortress of Solitude; it’s a new cartoon library and museum, tucked into a nondescript building on the Ohio State University campus. Jenny Robb loves comics and cartoons; it’s in her job description. She’s the curator of the new Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, named after the famed Columbus Dispatch cartoonist. With millions of pages of material in this free collection, Robb is in charge of geek heaven. “I do think I have a pretty cool job, and we welcome all geeks and dorks,” she says, laughing. “They’re sort of taking over the world. I mean the movies, film, literature … A lot of people are looking to the geeks and the dorks for guidance. So they’re welcome here.” (via NPR)

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Libraries fear ‘ravenous’ NSA

“The nation’s libraries are backing legislation that would curb the powers of the National Security Agency. Revelations about NSA surveillance have created a “climate of concern” for libraries, which are seeking to defend the freedom to read and research away from the government’s prying eyes. “You need to have some freedom to learn about what you think is important without worrying about whether it ends up in some FBI file,” said Alan Inouye, director of the Office for Information Technology Policy at the American Library Association (ALA).” (via TheHill)

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Va library-turned-museum gives life to history

“When the front door of 804 South Street first opened in the segregated world of 1945, it offered black citizens access to a library. When that door opens this month, today’s generation will revisit that time and understand what it meant for Portsmouth’s black community. The Portsmouth Colored Community Library Museum, 10 years in the making, opens Dec. 22 with an exhibit titled “Forever Free: Portsmouth Stories of African-American Strivings and Successes.” The library-turned-museum could be one of those stories — as could the woman who headed up its creation.” (>via AP)

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Ten years after near closures, libraries ‘booming’

“It was April 2004.

Darryl Lucke was attending his first meeting as a member of the Regina Public Library (RPL) board, and the stakes could hardly have been higher. Since November 2003 — 10 years ago this week — debate and controversy had swirled over the board’s abrupt decision to close three branches of the library, along with the Dunlop Art Gallery and Prairie History Room. “I was the new guy and it was a four-four deadlock, and I was the swing vote that decided to keep everything open,” Lucke recalled. The rest, as they say, is history.” (via Leader Post)

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UNT students protest library cutbacks

“An estimated 1,500 students had signed a petition showing their support for the University of North Texas Libraries by Tuesday afternoon during an on-campus protest at the Library Mall. Jody Billeaudeaux, a senior with a focus on philosophy and anthropology, said he organized the protest after he read an article in the Nov. 16 issue of the Denton Record-Chronicle in which Provost Warren Burggren discussed the $1.7 million budget hit to the library.” (via Denton Record Chronicle)

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Next Time, Libraries Could Be Our Shelters From the Storm

“Two big storms and a major blackout have battered New York City since the Sept. 11 attacks. Climate change threatens higher tides and more extreme heat. Architects and engineers look for ways to respond. So here’s an out-of-the-box suggestion: Let’s build more branch libraries.” (via NYTimes.com)

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A Library Built for One

“Designed for the Lisbon Architecture triennial, “One, Two, Many” is a library built to host a single patron at a time. Artist Marta Wengorovius, in collaboration with architect Aires Mateus, built the library to have a highly curated collection (20 people each contributed to the 60-volume collection). Time in the library can be reserved by the hour or day, though only one visitor at a time. The library is part monastery, part art-installation, and Wengorovius has plans to move the library to a different location each year and have new books selected for each specific location.” (via Book Riot)

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Libraries: are they better with wine? Or much, much worse?

“There is a lot of chatter about new forms and uses for libraries in and out of Library Land these days. The strange part about it is that it’s often framed in abstract, lofty terms: “reinvisioning,” “reimagining” and other appalling “re-” formations. But behind it is the terrifying, entirely non-abstract Lack Of Money, as government budgets for libraries have gotten tighter and tighter.  England has had it especially bad, and there’s no improvement in sight…” (via MobyLives)

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