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China funds construction of Africa’s largest university library

“The Chinese government is wholly funding the construction of what is thought to be Africa’s largest university library, which is being built in Tanzania.The new library at the University of Dar es Salaam will cost an estimated $40 million (£27.5 million) and will hold 800,000 books when complete, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported.John Magufuli, the Tanzanian president, laid the foundation stone of the new library at a ceremony that was also attended by Lyu Youqing, the Chinese ambassador to the country.” (via Times Higher Education (THE))

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There’s A Good Reason Canadians Won’t Give Up Their Libraries

“If you really want to rile up a Canadian, threaten to take away their library.xCraig got his first taste of activism speaking out to save our local library. We’ve noticed ever since then that when provinces and cities experience a budget crunch, libraries are often first on the chopping block. Yet invariably, citizen rise up to protect them from extinction.” (via Huffington Post)

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In Omaha, A Library With No Books Brings Technology To All

“On the corner of the busiest intersection in Omaha, Neb., there’s a square cement building, wrapped on two sides with a flashing LED billboard promoting the high-tech equipment and classes inside.”I thought it was a 3-D printer sales place,” says Frank Fu, a high school student.Earlier this year, Fu stumbled upon Do Space, a technology library providing free access to powerful PCs loaded with software used by businesses and artists. There are 3-D printers and laser cutters.” (via NPR)

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Why Libraries Have So Many Toys

“For months now, I’ve taken my toddler to the local public library. I don’t know if it is the musky smell of the books or the melodic ripple of pages being turned or the sound of hushed voices amid the stacks, but the experience of going to the library is one I’ve loved since I was a child – and it’s been an amazing thing to share with my daughter.A few times a week, we walk through the entry doors and make our way to the children’s section. My daughter, as soon as her feet touch the ground, is off and toddling, pulling random books from the shelves one by one. When she settles on a title she likes, she plops down right where she’d stood and diligently turns the pages, occasionally pointing at an illustration or a word, as if it has profound meaning. I love watching her. I can see her turning into a little bookworm, just like her mother.” (via POPSUGAR Moms)

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Pound Ridge Library director accused of inflating stats

“In this tranquil corner of Westchester County, a noisy controversy is coming from, of all places, the public library.Director Marilyn Tinter, who has worked for 40 years at the library in the town of 5,000-plus residents, has been suspended with pay for what is a $97,237-per-year position.The Library Board of Trustees made several allegations — the subject of an ongoing hearing — including that Tinter allegedly inflated circulation statistics by having an employee or employees check books out of and back into the library.” (via LoHud)

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