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Proposed library cuts an assault on the poor, US Rep. Grijalva says

“As a boy growing up on the south side of Tucson, Raúl Grijalva was constantly inside the school library reading novels, magazines and newspapers.On Tuesday, Congressman Grijalva, D-Arizona, stood outside El Presidio Library with a demand to President Donald Trump — put back the $187 million in federal funding to libraries that his proposed budget had eliminated. “It’s time we recognize this for what it is — an assault on the poor, plain and simple.” (via tucson.com)

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Why Three Libraries Claim To Be The Oldest In Texas

“The wonderful thing about the age of the internet is having a library at your fingertips. Anything is available online. My question: what is the oldest library in Texas? With a click of a search button, there’s your answer. Well, answers. According to this map, there are three oldest libraries in Texas. Which is, of course, not logically possible.” (via Texas Public Radio)

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California Today: GoPros, Audiobooks and Other Perks of the Library

“Too few Californians take advantage of one of the great perks of simply being a resident. The humble library card. At libraries across the state, you can check out millions of digital books, audiobooks and movies, get career advice, learn a language, reserve a meeting room or borrow a GoPro. “I think we live in a world where people honestly think that they have to buy this stuff. And they don’t,” said Rivkah Sass, director of the Sacramento Public Library. “My thing is: get it from the library and then use the money to have a nice dinner.” (via The New York Times)

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Most of Gaza’s Libraries Have Been Closed or Destroyed—and You Can Help a New One Get Off the Ground

“There are as many opinions about Israel and Palestine as there are minds and mouths (and fingers to type a tweet), but here is something everyone can agree on: People in Gaza need more books.  Mosab Abu Toha, a young Gazan with a degree in English literature who has never been able to explore the world due to Israel’s ban on travel, escapes through reading. Now he is trying to start an English-language library and book shop. (It will have books in Arabic as well—there is a great shortage of ? books in any language in Gaza, much fewer than one per person.” (via The Nation)

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Public libraries need help. The super-rich could provide it

“Norlina, N.C., is a tiny town of about 1,100 people getting by on an estimated median household income of about $23,000. A converted military hospital train car once housed the Norlina library. For more than six decades, people could go to the library to find good books or, in recent years, log on to the Internet. But no more: The library shut down in January.” (via The Washington Post)

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