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5 Cincinnati libraries now offering after-school snacks for food-insecure kids, teens

“More than 630,000 children across Ohio live in food insecure households, meaning more than one in four don’t know where their next meal will come from, according to the Children’s Hunger Alliance.That’s why the organization is expanding its network of after-school snack services to include five local libraries: Avondale, College Hill, Pleasant Ridge, Price Hill and Walnut Hills. “(For) many of the students who participate in after-school programs, this is the only snack or hot meal they’ll receive at the end of the evening,” said Maria Santiago of the Children’s Hunger Alliance. “So we want to ensure that they do receive that healthy meal and are setup for success with their basic needs.” (via WCPO)

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Disappearing books: How Russia is shuttering its Ukrainian library

“First, armed police seized some of its books. Next, its director was put on trial accused of stirring up ethnic hatred. And now, quietly, its shelves have been emptied and its volumes packed up, ready to be merged into another library’s collection. A year and a half after Russia’s only state-run Ukrainian language library, Moscow’s Library of Ukrainian Literature, was dragged into a political dispute between the two countries, Reuters has learnt that authorities are quietly winding it down.Officially, what is happening to the library — its 52,000 books are being transferred to Russia’s main foreign language library — is “a change of address” not a closure.” (via Reuters)

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Local libraries are true immigrant sanctuaries

“From airports to city streets to social media, countless New Yorkers have shown their support for immigrants and defended their right to be here. As an immigrant myself, it has been incredibly heart-warming to see my neighbors rally around our communities at a time when we are most vulnerable.But many are wondering what they can do other than protest — how they can get more involved and see real results.There is a powerful, effective and meaningful way to uplift and protect immigrant New Yorkers right now: support public libraries, institutions that proudly wear the sign of “everyone is welcome here” each and every day.” (via NY Daily News)

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Trusted Sources: Why Museums and Libraries Are More Relevant Than Ever

“More and more, the trustworthiness of information is based on the perceived trustworthiness of the source. Since our founding, this nation has consistently placed that trust in its museums and libraries. Even today, libraries and museums are considered honest purveyors of information and places for conversation on issues of local and national significance.” (via Smithsonian Insider)

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Columbia Public Library to allow concealed weapons indefinitely

“People carrying concealed weapons will be allowed in the Columbia Public Library indefinitely, though the library’s attorney is still reviewing the law in question.Marjorie Lewis, an attorney in Columbia, said by email Monday that “we are looking into the library weapons policy and will be giving our opinion to the (library’s) Board.” (via columbiamissourian.com)

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