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Libraries aren’t “dead in the water” – but some have given up

“Having spent 15 years researching public libraries and trying to emphasise their contribution to education and society as a whole, you might expect that I’d be delighted at the good news that our public libraries are finally receiving the media attention and recognition they deserve. Sadly, I’m not.The recent boon in media interest is of course linked to a large-scale BBC investigation into the “real” picture of library closures, staff redundancies and budget cuts which have taken place since 2010, the year in which UK Chancellor George Osborne “unveiled the biggest UK spending cuts for decades” (via CityMetric)

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Key Ring Chronicles: Library Card.

“I work at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest, in a town of less than 8,000 people. It’s the kind of place where it’s very easy to run into friends, colleagues, students, former lovers, and that guy who walks around town wearing fishing waders. All the local businesses know your face, which can be convenient when running a tab at the one town bar but is also kind of a nightmare for someone with overdue library books. That’s me.” (via McSweeney’s)

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Libraries minister Ed Vaizey: Volunteers not replacing staff

“Volunteers are not being used as a replacement for paid staff in libraries, the minister overseeing them in England has said.Ed Vaizey said councils should invest in branches to save money, after a BBC investigation revealed almost 8,000 jobs in UK libraries have gone.He said the way people used libraries had changed but was not “doom and gloom”.Author Philip Pullman said libraries should not rely on volunteers.” (via BBC News)

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Libraries: The decline of a profession?

“Librarians are custodians to a world of information and ideas, performing an important democratic role, their supporters argue. But with 8.000 jobs in UK libraries disappearing in six years, is that status under threat?It was an inauspicious time to join the profession. Lauren Smith completed an MA in librarianship at the University of Sheffield in 2010, the same year Chancellor George Osborne unveiled the biggest UK spending cuts for decades.Since then, libraries have seen an influx of volunteer staff – from Doncaster to Dorset, from Gateshead to Gloucestershire – and a quarter of paid jobs have disappeared.” (via BBC News)

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Libraries lose a quarter of staff as hundreds close

“Almost 8,000 jobs in UK libraries have disappeared in six years, about a quarter of the overall total, an investigation by the BBC has revealed.Over the same period, some 15,500 volunteers have been recruited and 343 libraries have closed, leading to fears over the future of the profession.Children’s author Alan Gibbons said the public library service faced the “greatest crisis in its history”.The government said it funded the roll-out of wi-fi to help libraries adapt.” (via BBC News)

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Book lover found himself locked in library

“The classic “Twilight Zone” episode “Time Enough At Last” features a henpecked bank teller played by Burgess Meredith, described by narrator Rod Serling as “a bookish little man whose passion is the printed page.”Frustrated that his wife and his boss won’t give him time to read, Henry Bemis spends his lunch breaks in the bank vault with books and newspapers. That’s where he is when a nuclear attack destroys the city.” (via The Morning Call)

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Steven Holl-Designed Hunters Point Library Rises On The Long Island City Waterfront

“Literacy is the cornerstone of modern society, and libraries stand as the foundations of thriving communities. While Long Island City’s rebirth manifests itself through its skyrocketing skyline, its most significant public building steadily rises at the waterfront. The Steven Holl-designed Hunters Point Library will join the iconic gantries and the Pepsi-Cola Sign to form the borough’s new public face, while becoming a new focal point for the rapidly growing community.” (via New York YIMBY)

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Grab a Book From This Floating Library on Echo Park Lake

“Visitors to Echo Park Lake know that the space is perfect for soaking in the sun, gazing at beautiful water lilies and — if you’re feeling especially adventurous on any given day — renting a pedal boat to spend some time on the water. The little vessels serve as temporary escapes, offering a chance to navigate something besides jam-packed highways and busy city streets.Hoping to lure even more Angelenos onto the water, artist Sarah Peters will use Echo Park Lake as the space for a project that got its start in Minnesota. Working with local arts organization Machine Project, Peters brings us “The Floating Library,” a creative undertaking that’s exactly what it sounds like.” (via L.A. Weekly)

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Check It Out: Libraries Offer More Than Just Books These Days

“Southern California is blessed with an abundance of libraries.From the modest local branch to the grand holdings of the Huntington Library, these bastions of learning offer everything from workout DVDs and knitting lessons to public lectures and often exquisite architecture, art and gardens.Oh, and reading is wholeheartedly encouraged.” (via Daily News)

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Library expected to open in polygamous Utah town in 2016

“After years of efforts, a public library is expected to open soon in Hildale, home to the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The planned facility will be part of the Washington County Library System. The system’s director, Joel Tucker, said he plans for the library to be operating in March. “We recognize that it’s an underserved part of Utah,” Tucker said, “and we want to give them the same opportunities that everyone else gets.” (via Salt Lake Tribune)

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