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Growing Up in a Library Is Exactly As Magical As You’d Imagine

“For a certain type of bookish kid (or, let’s be honest, adult), living in the library sounds like a dream. But when the Clark family moved into the Washington Heights branch of the New York Public Library in the late 1940s, their teenage son Ronald Clark was skeptical.“Kids are strange,” he says. “We always want to be normal. So at first I was a little ashamed that I lived in a library.” His family had moved from a small town in Maryland, where everyone knew each other, for his father to take a job as the library’s custodian.” (via Atlas Obscura)

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How Libraries Are Boldly Innovating to Meet the Needs of Changing Communities

“More than a decade ago, the city of Lafayette in the greater San Francisco Bay Area did some soul-searching about the fate of its library. With a population of just a little more than 25,000, the city had outgrown the tiny 1960s building within a decade. The library’s structure was falling apart, which was especially problematic in earthquake country. As the conversation about building a new library ramped up, Steve King, a longtime resident and small business economy researcher, wasn’t so sure a brick-and-mortar library was even needed — not with the Internet seemingly taking its place. The way he saw it, you could find much of the same information online as you could at the library — anytime, without even leaving the house.” (via Truth-Out.org)

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British Libraries Under Threat

“There’s something pretty amazing about the idea of a public library. It’s the one place where everyone in the community is welcomed – all ages, all races, all religions, all political persuasions. It’s a place where you can borrow things for free and nobody sneers at your taste or uses marketing techniques to persuade you to choose differently. It’s a place where you can hang out for hours without having to buy coffee to justify the space you’re taking up. It doesn’t invade your privacy in order to “improve the user experience.” It’s a place that, according to Pew Research, has amazingly high approval ratings, rare among social institutions these days.” (via

Source: Library Babel Fish)

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As libraries change, we lose little pieces of history

“A few months ago, Minneapolis writer Kate DiCamillo shared a photo on her Facebook page. It was of a library card — not the kind used to check out books, but the kind that used to be kept inside a manila pocket in the front of every library book.The title of the book was typed at the top, and if you wanted to bring the book home you wrote your name on the card and handed it to a librarian. The librarian filed it in a long wooden box and then stamped a date on another card, which she slid into the manila pocket. That was your reminder of when to bring the book back.” (via StarTribune.com)

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The New Hillary Library?

“When the new president, if she is Hillary Clinton, moves into the White House, will she unpack her library in the spirit of Walter Benjamin—releasing memories of adventures attached to books? Not likely. Will she think of books and libraries at all? Probably not. She has more important things to do. But the arrival of a new president at this moment, not long after the dawn of the digital age, could open an opportunity to reorient literature and learning in a way that was envisioned by the Founders of our country, one that would bring books within the reach of the entire citizenry.” (via The New York Review of Books)

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