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In Baltimore, The Library Is Open

“Classrooms are empty, desks are stacked in the hallways, and Baltimore’s students are halfway through a sixty-day layover in which they are expected to sustain their learning until the upcoming school year.While summer can offer students the chance to learn through camps, family trips, or robust reading lists, access to these opportunities often falls upon socioeconomic lines: wealthier families have more means to discover and utilize summer learning activities, so richer students return to school in September better prepared than their low-income counterparts. One study estimates that 80 percent of the rich/poor achievement gap is attributable to the atrophy of reading skills over summer vacations.” (via Huffington Post)

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Digital maps at the Osher Map Library show promise and perils of digitization.

“The Osher Map Library at the University of Southern Maine is a treasure trove for the cartographically inclined. Its collection, which contains close to 450,000 items, spans the centuries, covering everything from a Ptolemaic chart of the world to a record of postal routes in the Dakota Territory. For much of the past decade, the library has been working to digitize that collection, carefully photographing many items it owns and presenting them for free online. It’s an effort that speaks to the ambivalent complexities of digitization, especially for archivists and researchers. Above all else, though, it’s an opportunity for the public to look at some astonishing—and frequently beautiful—maps.” (via Slate)

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In digital era, libraries remain ‘a trusted institution’

“Two-year-old Fiona DeArmas and her mother, Amy, were strolling through the stacks of the Arbutus branch of the Baltimore County Public Library last week, searching for the right book to take home.In a tradition passed on to each of Amy’s six children, she’d be allowed to take out as many books as her age.On July 1, Fiona turned three.And if her older children were any indication, she’d be excited for the perk.”When my oldest was 10, she was really happy because she could get 10 books,” she said. “It’s the little things like that they’ve enjoyed.” (via Baltimore Sun)

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Adding Classes and Content, Resurgent Libraries Turn a Whisper Into a Roar

“Matthew Carter’s summer hideaway is not in the Hamptons, the Catskills or on the Jersey Shore. It does not require a car ride or a small fortune to keep up. Mr. Carter, 32, an adjunct professor of music at the City College of New York, simply holes up at the Inwood Library in northern Manhattan with his research books. It is quiet, air-conditioned and open every day. “I’m a total leech of public libraries,” he said. “It’s my summer hangout. It’s where I spend the majority of my time, and where I’m most productive.” (via NY Times)

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Global Commission Recommends Governments to Invest in Public Access in Libraries

“The Global Commission on Internet Governance has just released One Internet, a wide-ranging and pragmatic vision of how all actors can contribute to a sustainable and democratic internet.Based on two years of work and extensive expert contributions, the Commission identifies four foundational aspects of a “robust, healthy Internet: open, secure, trustworthy and inclusive of all”, and what can be done to achieve this.” (via IFLA)

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