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‘I’m in book heaven.’ How one reading specialist seeks to change lives through a new library at an L.A. County juvenile hall

“On one wall of her small classroom at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, Zoila Gallegos had set up a makeshift library, but it was never enough. Gallegos, a reading specialist with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, has worked at the juvenile lockup in Downey for the past nine years. A child of immigrants who grew up in South Los Angeles, she struggled with English and reading and with the poverty and violence in her neighborhood. She was the first in her family to graduate from high school.” (via LA Times)

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Public libraries are a treasure

“When I moved to New York City two years ago, there were a few things at the top of my to-do list: Find my closest bank branch, master my local laundromat, and sign up for a library card.I’d only ever signed up for a public library card once, and it was quite literally just to fulfill a middle-school homework assignment. So allow me to share one of the greatest revelations of my adult life, and forgive me if it sounds obvious to you: Public libraries are a treasure.” (via The Week)

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Shhhh…ake it off at the library, the new happening place to be

“Everywhere, people are deserting the public space.They’re not standing in line at the bank: They’re banking online. They’re not shopping for clothes at the mall: They’re getting clothes mailed to them at home. The internet is enabling people to meet their needs without going out.Librarians have seen this coming for years, and many worried the library could become another space devoid of humans. But the internet hasn’t been the death of the library. In fact, the web has become the revival of its mission. And the library buildings themselves are full.” (via KUOW)

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Checking out: Drug users take advantage of public libraries

“The same qualities that make libraries ideal for studying and reading — unfettered public access, quiet corners and nooks, minimal interaction with other people — also make them appealing places to shoot up heroin, librarians are finding.In Norfolk, Virginia, a 47-year-old man died after a patron found him in a library restroom. In Batesville, Indiana, and New Brunswick, New Jersey, police revived others in library restrooms using a popular overdose antidote.” (via Associated Press)

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New Zealand library shelves annoying, high-pitched ‘mosquito’ device targeting loiterers

“A New Zealand library that went beyond stern looks from librarians to ensure peace and quiet has turned off a “mosquito” device after drawing criticism for targeting young people with an annoying, high-pitched buzz. The Papanui Library in the South Island city of Christchurch installed the device, which produces a high-frequency buzz that can be heard apparently only by people under 25, to deter youths from loitering outside and intimidating library users.” (via Reuters)

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