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Former librarian turned venture capitalist helps women win lead role in China venture industry

“The largest venture capital fund ever raised by a woman isn’t in Silicon Valley or even the U.S. It’s in Beijing and is run by a former librarian who keeps such a low profile that she’s a mystery in her native China.Chen Xiaohong rarely attends industry conferences or events. She hadn’t given a media interview in more than a decade until agreeing to break her silence this summer. “I don’t like being part of a club,” said Chen during a four-hour discussion at her firm’s headquarters. “I believe in staying independent, making your own decisions.” (via Chicago Tribune)

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Sarah Glassmeyer: Opening a window on closed data

“Sarah Glassmeyer has spent the past year as a research fellow at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, studying how government publishes law. And how little is available to the taxpayers who finance it.Her work includes a census of 50 state regulation websites and 105 court websites. And her study found at least 14 barriers to accessing legal information, including how the information is stored and cataloged and the availability of bulk downloads.” (via ABA Journal)

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The Librarian’s Gift

“For nearly 50 years, Robert Morin ’63 worked as a cataloguer in Dimond Library. He was known to live simply, and few suspected he had quietly amassed a $4 million estate. When he died just over a year ago, he gifted his estate to UNH. “Bob’s demonstrated commitment to UNH through his philanthropy is tremendously inspiring,” says UNH President Mark Huddleston. “His generous gift allows us to address a number of university priorities.” (via UNH Today)

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6 Questions for a Digital Humanities Librarian

“Laura Braunstein is the Digital Humanities and English Librarian at the Dartmouth College Library.  Laura graciously agreed to help me understand her (relatively) new role at the College, and the larger context of Digital Humanities with both the academic library and across higher education.” (via Inside Higher Education)

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Librarian uses 21st-century technology to showcase Buffalo’s 19th-century splendor

“Molly Poremski embodies the adage “do what you love and love what you do.” The digital collections librarian has combined her professional skills — and some 21st-century technology — with an appreciation for Buffalo’s history to create a digital collection that showcases Buffalo’s architectural grandeur of the early 1900s in a new way.The endeavor began earlier this year when Rose Orcutt, architecture and planning librarian, gave Poremski a list of books that she though Poremski might want to add to UB’s digital collections. Among the books was “Beautiful Homes of Buffalo” by Mark Hubbell.” (via University at Buffalo)

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