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Portraits Of Librarians Celebrate America’s Bookish Unsung Heroes

“Librarians hold a deceptively humble, yet powerful, role: Whether you’re a young child or an adult, a new student or an erudite academic, they offer guidance to rich worlds of literacy and scholarship. Librarians are on the front lines, putting a friendly face to the idea of book love and helping millions of Americans get the resources, encouragement and support they need to become avid readers. Who our librarians are, then, actually matters a great deal. In Kyle Cassidy’s new book This Is What a Librarian Looks Like, the photographer reveals portraits of hundreds of librarians, sharing both their sunny faces and their thoughts on the value of libraries. The result: a colorful tapestry of men and women of all ages, races and ethnicity, some dressed conservatively and some with tattoos and brightly dyed hair, but all bursting with smiles and enthusiasm for their life missions.” (via HuffPost)

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Embattled Evanston librarian questions timing of disciplinary actions

“Embattled Evanston librarian Lesley Williams on Wednesday said she wonders why she is facing disciplinary hearings now, when the infractions at issue happened months ago and did not draw attention at the time. “The real question is why these allegations are being made now, especially since one of the incidents occurred in September, and the others over the past several months. I was not disciplined for any of them at the time,” said Williams, in a statement. Her words came in response to a statement released Tuesday by trustees of the Evanston Public Library board in support of the library director and decrying Williams’ supporters, who have rallied around her and galvanized the community.” (via Chicago Tribune)

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Librarians putting flowers in empty bottles of A.1. sauce in the Avon Lake Library

“Avon Lake librarians are now putting flowers in all the A1 bottles they have received.The library is trying to solve a mystery surrounding more than a dozen steak sauce bottles staff members have found inside the building. Jill Ralston is the PR and Marketing Coordinator for the library. She says they found the first bottle shoved inside of newspapers in January, and since then they’ve found 30 empty A.1. steak sauce bottles in the past few months.” (via Cleveland 19 News)

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Turning the page: Howard County library director leaving after 16 years

“When Valerie Gross visited Howard County in 2001 to check out the place where she had the opportunity to lead the public library system, she called her husband at home in Indiana to say she could definitely see their family making the move. “I told him Columbia was similar to Berkeley, where we have lived and still have ties, with lots of educated people concerned about the environment and about their community,” she recalled. “I said I had a good feeling about working here.” Gross and her husband, classical guitarist Tri Nguyen, agreed to relocate for a three-year trial period, which was the length of the contract she had signed.” (via Baltimore Sun)

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Two Toronto public libraries plan extended hours without staff

“The Toronto Public Library plans to keep two branches open late without any staff, an idea that’s alarmed the library workers’ union.The library will extend services — such as hold pick-ups, book borrowing, book returns and access to computers — at both the Swansea Memorial and Todmorden Room locations in fall 2017, said Moe Hosseini-Ara, director of branch operations and customer experience.” (via Metro Toronto)

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