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UB librarians discuss how fake news creates a cycle of misinformation

“When Cynthia Tysick sees a news story on social media, she diligently fact-checks it on Snopes and PolitiFact.“I’ve suddenly become the fact-checking guru on my Facebook feed,” Tysick, head of UB Educational Services said. “People are not happy with me, but it’s a service I bring.”Tysick and her colleagues in UB Libraries feel students should have the ability to filter out real news from fake news. Fake news websites shell out dishonest and misleading information disguised as actual news, leaving many unable to tell the real from the fake. President Donald Trump has also blasted mainstream news organizations like CNN and The New York Times, calling them untrustworthy fake news organizations.” (via The Spectrum)

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Working: How does librarian Laurie Allen work?

“For our latest episode, we spoke to Laurie Allen, a librarian at the University of Pennsylvania. The profession was a calling for her, she says, partly because when she was young she thought of it as “a way that really brilliant people could bring me their ideas and I could learn just enough about them to help,” without having to write the papers herself. “As a librarian,” she says, “my expertise is in the way [knowledge] is organized,” which is to say she’s still focused as much on where we should start in the quest to know more as with where we end up.” (via Slate)

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Librarians take up arms against fake news

“Janelle Hagen is a school librarian whose job goes far beyond checking out books. She and many other librarians are equipping students to fight through lies, distortion and trickery to find their way to truth.Helping students become smarter evaluators of the information that floods into their lives has become increasingly necessary in an era in which fake news is a constant.Two University of Washington professors recently announced a new class that will focus on the ways data are misused to mislead the public. Younger students may need guidance even more.” (via The Seattle Times)

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The Biblioracle: Hero librarians create fake reader to save books, outsmart algorithms

“Two librarians of East Lake County Library in Lake County, Fla., are the subject of investigation for creating a fake patron, “Chuck Finley,” who checked out 2,361 books over nine months in 2016. I call them heroes.” (via Chicago Tribune)

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Librarian’s list of ‘predatory’ journals reportedly removed due to ‘threats and politics’

“An academic librarian’s lists of “predatory” journals and publishers on Sunday vanished from the internet without explanation. His business partners now say he was forced to shut down the website. Jeffrey Beall, scholarly communications librarian at the University of Colorado at Denver, created the lists in 2008. They grew to include thousands of journals and publishers that Beall alleged exploit open-access publishing for their own profit — for example by spamming researchers with invitations to publish their findings or present at conferences, then pocketing publication or registration fees while providing little or no quality review. Beall populated the lists based on 52 criteria he developed.” (via Inside Higher Education)

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