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Anne Jarvis to become Princeton University librarian

“Anne Jarvis, who has been university librarian at the University of Cambridge since 2009, will become the University librarian at Princeton effective Oct. 1.”Anne Jarvis is one of the world’s premier librarians,” Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber said. “Her proven track record of exceptional service, technological innovation and responsive management at Cambridge makes her an ideal leader for Princeton’s library system.” (via Princeton University)

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Librarians fight precarious work’s creep into white collar jobs

“They’re part-time employees without health benefits or pensions who work split shifts at a number of different locations each week. From one paycheque to the next, their income fluctuates, as do their hours.These aren’t workers hustling behind fast-food counters or holding down other McJobs. They’re aspiring librarians, often with at least one master’s degree.” (via Brandon Sun)

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Retired librarian documents early years of region’s rainbow community

“In 1971, Jim Parrott couldn’t even imagine holding his partner’s hand in public.The simple act was just unthinkable for the local LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and questioning) activist.That same year, University of Waterloo’s gender and sexual diversity student organization, GLOW, was born and he was there to be a part of it” (via therecord.com)

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College librarian compiles guide to global pulp fiction

“Jess Nevins is a quiet, unassuming librarian at Lone Star College-Tomball, where he helps students, faculty and staff navigate through the maze of books. But underneath his professorial demeanor is a man obsessed – with superheroes and pop culture.For the past 10 years, Nevins has dedicated himself to scouring every corner of the world for popular literature in all different languages, uncovering Egyptian and Indonesian dime novels, a Burmese equivalent to the popular British detective Sherlock Holmes and even a Japanese King Kong. His decade-long search has culminated in a 1,000-page tome of a guide to global popular literature for the first half of the twentieth century called The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes, which is expected to come off the printers this spring.” (via Houston Chronicle)

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“>When Carrie Ingle started working at the downtown Columbus library in March 1956, she used a manual typewriter to prepare each catalog card and meticulously glued protective jackets to new books.Sixty years have come and gone, and the 77-year-old Ingle is still is working full time behind the scenes, still surrounded each day by brand-new books in what is now one of the busiest big-city library systems in the country.” (via The Associated Press)


In Age of Google, Librarians Get Shelved

“The next time you visit a public library and see an older person at the information desk, someone near retirement age, take a good look. You may be seeing the last of a dying breed, the professional librarian.Years ago, a librarian was someone who held a master’s degree in library science (MLS) issued by a graduate program accredited by the American Library Association. Those of us who attended library schools underwent rigorous preparation, usually assignments that forced us to become familiar with the reference books and research tools that filled the university library.” (via WSJ)

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Late KU librarian’s expertise, devotion remembered as another bequest announced from her multimillion-dollar estate

“In 1957, the Kansas University Library purchased a second-edition translation of John Barclay’s “Argenis” that was printed in London in 1636.Shortly thereafter, a young student named Ann Hyde — along with a visiting professor, Bertram Colgrave, and the special collections cataloguer, Alexandra Mason, who would become Hyde’s lifelong friend — discovered and deciphered leaves from two different 11th century Old English manuscripts that were used as padding in the 17th century book’s binding.” (LJWorld.com)

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Tumblr’s Meme Librarian has the best job on the Internet

“Amanda Brennan is a librarian for the Internet. Brennan’s official job title is content and community associate at Tumblr, but everyone at the microblogging platform calls her their “meme librarian.” She spends her days on the front lines of an online meme’s creation, dissemination and, yes, inevitable death.” (via Washington Post)

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British Librarians Are Suing Government Over Library Closings

“The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (Cilip) has launched a new campaign to push the UK government to think twice before shutting down libraries and to take better care of those that remain. The My Library By Right effort aims to champion “the public’s right to libraries” by leaning on a 1964 British law, the Public Libraries and Museums Act, to provide quality public library services to citizens across the country.” (via adweek)

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Japan librarians cry foul over leaked Murakami reading list

“A war of words has erupted between privacy-advocating librarians and a newspaper after it published a snapshot of the high-school reading habits of Japan’s foremost literary son Haruki Murakami. Leaked library borrowing cards from half a century ago revealed the teenage Murakami — nowadays a perennial contender for the Nobel literature prize — checked out several titles by French writer Joseph Kessel. But the Japan Library Association on Monday lashed out at what it said was an invasion of the publicity-shy writer’s privacy.” (via Yahoo)

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