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A Role for Librarians as Data Managers in the Life Sciences

“Traditionally, librarians have been involved at the beginning and the end of the research process, assisting researchers with finding information and with disseminating information. With the changing data landscape, however, it is important for the library to participate in other aspects of research. A librarian who can provide concise and customized training in needed areas—for example, documentation in the process of data collection—will be valuable to the research team.” (via CLIR)

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Ten librarians across the country honored for outstanding public service accomplishments

“Today, 10 librarians were honored with this year’s Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award for demonstrating the critical role librarians play in transforming lives and communities through education and lifelong learning. Selected from a pool of more than 1,000 nominations, the 10 winning librarians join a distinguished group of award recipients. To date, only 70 librarians have received the award since its inception in 2008.“Each day thousands of dedicated library workers have a profound impact on the quality of life in the communities that they serve,” said Courtney Young, president of the American Library Association. “This year’s award winners provide us with a glimpse of how library workers are transforming lives through access to technology, bridging community resources and fostering a love for learning. The I Love My Librarian Award provides a rare opportunity for both library patrons and the profession to recognize invaluable community change agents – our nation’s librarians.” (via ALA)

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U’s Middle East Library is Home to “Enthusiastic” Librarian

“This library, as one hears from others, is extraordinary,” said Leonard Chiarelli, associate librarian at the Marriott Library. Chiarelli is in charge of the Aziz S. Atiya Middle East Library, one of the most respected centers for research in Middle East studies. Raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Chiarelli earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Pace University in Manhattan. While an undergraduate, he resolved to come to the U to study at the suggestion of Philip Hitti, whom he had met during a lecture in Manhattan. Chiarelli wanted to study the Mediterranean region during the Medieval period, which was controlled by Arabs at the time. Hitti told Chiarelli that no one in the east knew about that specific subject and referred him to Aziz S. Atiya, who was at the U at the time.” (via The Daily Utah Chronicle)

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Homeless Outreach in Volumes: Books by Bike for ‘Outside’ People in Oregon

“A homeless man named Daniel was engrossed in a Barbara Kingsolver novel when his backpack was stolen recently, and Laura Moulton was determined to set things to right. Ms. Moulton, 44, an artist, writer and adjunct professor of creative nonfiction, did not know Daniel’s last name, his exact age, or really even how to find him — they had met only once. But she knew the novel, “Prodigal Summer,” and that was a start. So, armed with a new copy of the book, off she went. Such is the life of a street librarian.” (via NYTimes)

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Radical Librarianship: how ninja librarians are ensuring patrons’ electronic privacy

“Librarians in Massachusetts are working to give their patrons a chance to opt-out of pervasive surveillance. Partnering with the ACLU of Massachusetts, area librarians have been teaching and taking workshops on how freedom of speech and the right to privacy are compromised by the surveillance of online and digital communications — and what new privacy-protecting services they can offer patrons to shield them from unwanted spying of their library activity.” (via Boing Boing)

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Anyone Can Pivot: What The Changing Role Of Librarians Means For You

“While students were in love with EasyBib when we first introduced it in 2001, we also had some no-so-happy opponents. As a service that saved time by automating the process of creating citations and bibliographies, many librarians and English teachers initially weren’t thrilled. They believed we were indirectly taking away the learning process of creating citations, and were apprehensive of the idea of software generating accurate citations. I remember, as part of guerilla marketing tactics, cold emailing a librarian about EasyBib. She responded, coldly, that she would never consider using a product like ours with her students, and that it encouraged student laziness.” (via Forbes)

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Wesleyan U. fires university librarian after disagreement with provost

“Wesleyan University last month fired its head librarian after a prolonged debate over the role of a library at a liberal arts institution. Patricia A. Tully, a 10-year veteran with the university, served as the Caleb T. Winchester university librarian from March 2010 until her firing last month. The news was first reported by the campus blog Wesleying.” (via insidehighered)

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Emory’s university librarian sees ‘endless’ possibilities for libraries, technology

“It was while working in the graduate library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that Yolanda Cooper felt her first stirrings around the idea of building a career within academic libraries. She was a college student at the time, and though she’d grown up in a family that valued books and reading, there was something about the stately brick building, with its millions of volumes, special collections and cavernous reading rooms, that Cooper found especially inspiring. She had arrived at a historic moment, as the library — one of the nation’s largest university research libraries at the time — was just beginning to enter the world of automation, among the first university libraries in the U.S. to offer an online catalog.” (via Emory University)

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Librarians Are A Luxury Chicago Public Schools Can’t Afford

“Two years ago, the Chicago Public Schools budgeted for 454 librarians. Last year, the budget called for 313 librarians, and now that number is down to 254.With educators facing tough financial choices, having a full-time librarian is becoming something of a luxury in Chicago’s more than 600 public schools.It’s not that there’s a shortage of librarians in Chicago, and it’s not mass layoffs — it’s that the librarians are being reassigned.” (via NPR)

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Double Life: On-call librarian is also artist and musician

“If you have ever called a library’s after-hours number with a question, the person on the other end of the line could have been Carrboro artist and musician Phil Blank.Blank runs a company called ChatStaff, which provides after-hours service to libraries all over North Carolina and beyond. But he’s also a painter, illustrator and accordion player for a local klezmer band, Gmish.In fact, you might have seen his paintings on the walls at Orange County Social Club or his illustrations on the new bags of Larry’s Beans’ single origin coffee now on shelves at Earth Fare, Whole Foods or Weaver Street Market stores. And you might have heard his music while wandering in downtown Carrboro and stumbling upon a klezmer band busking on a street corner.” (via The State)

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