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A Bronx Librarian Keen on Teaching Homeless Children a Lasting Love of Books

“Colbert Nembhard looked more like a traveling salesman than a librarian in his dark suit with his rolling suitcase on a recent Wednesday morning in the Bronx.He had strolled 10 minutes to the Crotona Inn homeless shelter from the Morrisania Branch Library, where he has been the manager for 25 years. As he dug through the dozens of books stuffed inside the suitcase, an announcement crackled over the intercom inside the shelter, where 87 families live: “Mr. Nembhard is here to read stories and sing songs to your children.” (via The New York Times)

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Fired librarian sues city to get job back

“Was City Librarian Scott Hughes, one of the few black department heads, fired over his political involvement? Or did his political ambitions hurt his job performance?Those questions are heading for state Superior Court.Hughes is suing his bosses, the library board, over members’ decision last month to terminate him after over nine years. The firing came after months of tension during which Hughes was placed on probation from his $116,000 position to improve his management style and his communication skills.” (via Connecticut Post)

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Lewis and Clark librarian donates her half-million dollar estate to Missoula Public Library

“A former Missoula public school teacher and librarian donated $500,000 to the foundation for the Missoula Public Library for children’s programming.Lorraine Jay, who worked at Lewis and Clark School for around 20 years, left the foundation her half-million-dollar estate, the largest donation in the foundation’s history. She died this summer.” (via missoulian.com)

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Remembering Robert Goldstein, NPR’s Music Librarian And Our Friend

“If there was ever anyone who could be said to have the soul of a musician, it was Robert. He lived and breathed it and talked about it all of the time. He was always emailing links preceded by the phrase, “Check this out!”His enthusiasm for music could not be confined to the librarian’s chair. He knew that 2011 marked the 60th anniversary of the Fender Telecaster and wanted to share that knowledge with the world — so he decided to report on it for All Things Considered. (He would follow that act four years later, when the Stratocaster hit the same milestone.) And he knew so much about music that he was ready to celebrate when Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ 65th birthday rolled around.” (via Wisconsin Public Radio)

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Debate about use of librarian’s donation to UNH continues

“Students at the University of New Hampshire are still talking about the $4 million gift a frugal librarian left to the school when he died last year.Hannah Lacey and Keegan Fecher were studying at Dimond Library where cataloguer Robert Morin worked for nearly 50 years Friday afternoon. They said they heard the story about how he amassed his wealth by driving an older vehicle and eating frozen dinners. Fecher said students are opposed to the administration’s decision to use a quarter of the money on a new video scoreboard for Wildcat Stadium, not seeing the connection between a librarian and football, even though he understands the school’s perspective.” (via New Hampshire)

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