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Librarian blogger keeps tabs on tech revolution

KALW – “In 2003, librarian Sarah Houghton was tired of having to wander around the Internet looking for information about technology and Web services. So she stopped looking and made a blog of her own. She called it “Librarian in Black,” so that her blog would match her wardrobe. Part of Houghton’s appeal is that she looks and acts nothing like the stereotypical librarian. Most people imagine librarians with gray hair, giant glasses, mouthing the words, “Shhh… This is a library.” Though Houghton is acting director at the San Rafael Public Library, she doesn’t fit that description. “My mother would be the first one to tell you that,” she says. Houghton is young, has no glasses, and her hair is actually not gray, but sprinkled with dashes of blue. She wears all black, all the time. She has a tattoo on her arm of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and another of Winnie Pooh.”

Great article! Congrats Sarah!

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Congrats Sarah!

The LIB gets a new gig.

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