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Bloomberg’s big bite for billions of legal dollars

paidContent – “For decades, the multibillion dollar market for legal research has been a cozy club for two. But now financial giant Bloomberg has fully powered up Bloomberg Law, a rival that could at last disrupt the status quo. For Bloomberg, the new legal product is an expensive test of the company’s ability to find a major revenue stream outside its core financial business. But it also raises the question of how a stodgy industry is responding to sweeping changes that makes it easier for Americans to look up the law.”

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No sell-off for Reed Elsevier

Telegraph – “Reed has come under pressure from some investors to sell off its LexisNexis Legal & Professional business amid claims the division is suffering from under-investment and increasing competition. However, Erik Engstrom, Reed’s chief executive, said all of the company’s major units were there to stay and that the business would only consider smaller disposals within each unit: “We continually try to proactively adjust our business mix”.

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LexisNexis Answers Customer Requests for on the Move Access via iPad and iPhone

Press Release – “LexisNexis UK a leading provider of content and technology solutions, today announced the release of its first U.K. legal applications. Combining the trusted content of LexisNexis and the ease of use and seamless design of mobile applications, LexisNexis is proud to be the first major content provider to create apps for its U.K. subscribers: Legal Terms and On the Case. Following feedback from customers about the increasing need to access information on the move, LexisNexis has developed two quick and simple iPhone apps that are user-friendly and give customers fast and accurate information. These apps can also be accessed on the iPad in iPhone format.”

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Lexis Advance: Legal Research for the 99%

ITI – “LexisNexis announced that Lexis Advance is to be released to all current Lexis.com users at no extra charge over the next several months. In addition, traditional Lexis.com will continue. Two premier graphical features will be available to current users free only for the rest of their Lexis.com current contract, but the search capability is not affected. How refreshing that I can now search more sources than are in my current contract—lots more—with a friendly, and especially forgiving new search protocol, and I am not being asked to pay more. It just doesn’t get better than this.”

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Challenge To LexisNexis Moving At Glacial Pace

CHN – “A hearing to discuss the pre-trial progress of a class action against LexisNexis Courtlink and Fulton County ended with a decision to table consideration of outstanding motions until the pre-certification discovery process is complete. The lawsuit revolves around the issue of whether the Fulton County court has the authority to mandate the use of LexisNexis’ e-filing system or else lose access to the court.

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Old-School Prisoner Wants Books, Not Westlaw

Legal As She Is Spoke – “Law school librarians bemoan the fact that today’s students typically turn their noses up at the bound volumes of legal decisions, in favor of electronic legal research sources like Westlaw or Lexis. If only they had Dwayne Harris as a student. Since 1989, Mr. Harris has been serving time in an Ohio state prison for rape, kidnapping, felonious assault and aggravated assault convictions. Frustrated that the prison library replaced law books with computer access to Westlaw, Mr. Harris has sued the prison, requesting $80,000 in compensatory damages and up to $200,000 in punitive damages for the violation of his constitutional right to a law library.”

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ALR Returns to LexisNexis

AbsTracked tells us the news…Oh ALR, how I’ve missed you so. 

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InfoUS…uh oh

Legal problems for infoUSA, a service I use alot while research companies.

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Lexis Mega Mega Mega Search

Press Release – “LexisNexis, a leading provider of information and services solutions, today announced the launch of an innovative new search functionality on lexis.com® called “Search by Topic or Headnote” that enables legal professionals to perform a single search across multiple sources to efficiently receive faster, better and more relevant results through one unified process.”

I saw this the other day and it looks very interesting. That said, I enjoy finding the smaller sub-databases and really narrowing my search. Depends on the question I guess.

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American Law Reports – RIP for Lexis Users

Information Today – “The move by Thomson West’s Westlaw legal information service to pull its ALR content from competitor LexisNexis will not be a popular one with Lexis users—especially this Lexis user and her patrons! LexisNexis plans to offer new and upgraded services in response (see below), so the one-upmanship battle between the last legal information empires left standing grinds on. In its wake lie the customers, reeling from the never-ending cycle of having valuable information pulled out from under them again and again and again.”

I used ALR twice today. 🙁

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