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Lend eBooks To Your Friends With Ownshelf

“Want to lend a copy of a book you love to your friend, but you only bought the eBook? Check out Ownshelf, a new service that will let you share ePUB titles with your friends across devices. The tool, which is currently in beta, lets you show friends your digital book shelves and look at your friends’ bookshelves, and borrow and loan titles from these digital bookshelves. You can access the tool through Facebook. Like other apps, you have to give Facebook apps to login in. Using the shelf you can upload ePUB titles for sharing only to a select group of your personal friends. Then you can see which of your friends is using Ownshelf and you can browse the digital books that they have uploaded.”

via GalleyCat

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N.Y. Designer Puts Lending Libraries Into Pay Phone Kiosks

“THE best time to turn a pay phone into a lending library is early on a Sunday morning, said John H. Locke, an Upper West Side architectural designer who may be the world’s leading expert on the subject.“There aren’t a lot of people out,” he said. “You can just go down, find a good booth, carry it out, latch it in. It takes seconds. And then just fill it up with books and let’s wait and see what happens.”

via NYTimes

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