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A new player in Canada’s legal information market

“Distilling large amounts of complex information for others has always been part of what lawyers do.  But even they need help finding it, which is why providing legal information is such a big part of the legal services business.Over the last decade, the two main players in this space in Canada, LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters, have done just that, and more, by betting on technology to support lawyers in firms and law departments in applying their legal knowledge.Now, a new competitor hopes to shake-up the space. Earlier this month, Compass, the new Canadian legal research platform — and new incarnation — of Maritime Law Book, announced that vLex, a Barcelona and Miami-based legal publisher, and California-based Justia were taking a stake in the company.” (via National Magazine)

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Upsetting The Applecart Of Legal Research

“If you had to pick the most staid area of legal technology, you might choose legal research. After all, Westlaw and LexisNexis pretty much set the standard for online legal research long ago, and many of the smaller research services that have come along since are essentially less-comprehensive variations on the same theme.” (via Above the Law)

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Lisa Solomon found the time was right for her career in online legal research

“Plenty of lawyers hate to do legal research: It can be tedious and time-consuming, and one mistake can tank an entire case. For lawyers of a certain generation, the very sight of those two-toned, musty-smelling books that all look the same is enough to fill them with dread. For younger lawyers, electronic resources can be just as intimidating and mystifying.Luckily for Lisa Solomon, she loves that kind of work.” (via ABA Journal)

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Now it’s the Big Three in Legal Research

“The U.S. legal publishing market may no longer be a duopoly, according to the most recent Clio users survey. The survey asked users what tool they use for legal research, and users reported that Westlaw, Fastcase, and Lexis were their tools of choice, in that order. With more than 2,100 respondents, 20.58% reported that Westlaw was their tool of choice, and 20.35% reported that Fastcase was their favorite legal research service. LexisNexis was a close third with 20.21% of users.” (via Fastcase)

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Internet Archive Offers to Host PACER Data

“On Tuesday, February 14, the U.S. Congress will hold the first hearings in over a decade examining the operation of the PACER system. The hearing will be before the Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives. The Internet Archive was pleased to accept the committee’s invitation to submit a statement for the record and we have submitted the following, which includes an offer to host the PACER data now and forever to make the works of our federal courts more readily available to inform the citizenry and to further the effective and fair administration of justice.” (via Internet Archive)

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