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Federal Register Volumes Now Available Online

“Where can you get back issues of the Federal Register online? The Law Library of Congress has now completed the collection of historical volumes of the Federal Register available online. The Law Library acquired this collection from William S. Hein & Co., Inc. to make all volumes of the Federal Register available in open access to researchers. The collection starts with the first Federal Register in 1936 and contains all volumes through 1993. For more recent volumes, see federalregister.gov and FDSys (volumes 1994-2015).” (via LOC)

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The tech start-up planning to shake up the legal world

“A career in law and extremely long hours tend to go hand in hand. When you’re starting out it’s often particularly gruelling. Partly of course it’s about proving your commitment, but being a lawyer also involves an awful lot of grunt work – spending hours and hours looking through past case law to help your firm determine how to fight a current case.It’s this time consuming, labour intensive research aspect of the legal system that Andrew Arruda, co-founder and chief executive of tech start-up Ross Intelligence, believes its invention can address.The AI (or artificial intelligence) legal research system allows lawyers to type in a question – much in the same way they’d ask a colleague – and bring up relevant examples of what has happened in previous US legal cases, essentially at the touch of a button.” (via BBC News)

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Here’s the Problem With the Feds Profiting From Court Filings

“A class action lawsuit claims the federal courts are turning a profit by charging for court documents. Meanwhile, the website itself is stuck in the 1990s.” (via Wired)

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Agreement Reached with Legal Publishing Company

“Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office today announced an agreement with Juris Publishing, Inc. and Jurisnet, LLC regarding the legal publishing companies’ use of negative option marketing in advertising, selling and distributing print, electronic and CD publications. The assurance of voluntary compliance resolves allegations that the companies placed consumers in automatic shipment and automatic subscription renewal plans without consumer consent or without clearly and conspicuously disclosing the terms of these plans.” (via Florida AG Office)

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Five State Bar Associations Renew Fastcase Benefit

“Legal publishing company Fastcase today announced that five state bar associations have renewed their member benefit partnerships with the company. Twenty-eight states and dozens of metro, county, and specialty bar associations offer Fastcase’s smarter legal research tools as a free benefit to members.Through state bar partnerships, Fastcase is made available free to more than 800,000 lawyers – but it is not a discount service. Many of the largest law firms in America also subscribe to Fastcase, as well as the majority of American law schools and leading corporate counsel. In addition, Fastcase is the most popular smartphone app for lawyers, according to the American Bar Association Technology Survey.” (via Fastcase)

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Calif. High Court to Stream Sessions Online

“The California Supreme Court will stream oral arguments online beginning in May, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye told state legislators on Tuesday. Cantil-Sakauye made the revelation during her fifth “state of the judiciary” address to a joint session of the Legislature, at which she touted a branch “made leaner by the greatest recession of California’s history.” She added, “We endured, and we’ve changed for the better.” (via CNS)

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Idaho Attorney General Makes Catalogue of Opinions, Annual Reports Available to the Public

“Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is making 125 years-worth of legal opinions, guidelines, letters and annual reports available to the public. Since 1891, as required by statute, the Attorney General has published a collection of opinions, advisory letters, lists of cases submitted to state and federal courts and summaries of the year’s business. In the past, these reports were housed in the office of the Attorney General, law libraries or the Idaho Historical Society. But as of today, the collection can be found on the Attorney General’s website.” (via Idaho Attorney General)

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Class Claims PACER Overcharges for Records

“PACER, the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system used by federal courts, systematically overcharges for access to court records, users claim in a federal class action. Bryndon Fisher sued the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts and its director James C. Duff on Tuesday, alleging breach of contract and illegal exaction.” (via Courthouse News Service)

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Court Libraries Adapt to Deep Cuts, Changing Technology

“Court libraries and librarians in all 12 regional circuits are playing a leading role in two of the federal Judiciary’s most critical management initiatives: reducing building space and containing personnel and other costs. Funding for library spaces, subscription and purchase budgets, and staff positions all have faced sharp cuts. The changes have been driven by new information technologies, which have reduced the need for books and enabled judges and law clerks to do more online research.” (via US Courts)

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Access to Nebraska Court Opinions Expands

“Free online access to the official published judicial opinions of the Nebraska Supreme Court and Nebraska Court of Appeals will be available to the public beginning January 1, 2016. Text-searchable opinions dating back to 1871 will be available for the Nebraska Supreme Court. The full collection of opinions of the Nebraska Court of Appeals, beginning with its establishment in 1992, will also be offered. Previously, appellate court opinions were printed or were available online through various for-profit subscription services.” (via Nebraska Judicial Branch)

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