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LexisNexis Announces its Intention to Acquire Intelligize

“LexisNexis® Legal & Professional today announced its intent to acquire privately held Intelligize, Inc., provider of the industry standard for U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intelligence. The acquisition would expand the LexisNexis securities and M&A offering with new content, innovative tools and analytics while complementing the capabilities of the company’s existing securities solution, Lexis® Securities Mosaic®. Closing of the transaction is subject to certain customary conditions.” (via LexisNexis)

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Harvard Is Digitizing Nearly 40 Million Pages Of Case Law So You Can Access It Online And For Free

“Not too long ago, a statement like this spoken in the hushed, hallowed hallways of the Harvard Law School library would have been considered heresy: “I think for court decisions, law books are becoming obsolete and even to some some degree a hindrance.”That’s Adam Ziegler, and he’s no heretic. He’s the managing director of the Library Innovation Lab at Harvard. Ziegler is leading a team of legal scholars and digital data workers in the lab’s Caselaw Access Project.” (via Bostonomix)

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Federal Register Volumes Now Available Online

“Where can you get back issues of the Federal Register online? The Law Library of Congress has now completed the collection of historical volumes of the Federal Register available online. The Law Library acquired this collection from William S. Hein & Co., Inc. to make all volumes of the Federal Register available in open access to researchers. The collection starts with the first Federal Register in 1936 and contains all volumes through 1993. For more recent volumes, see federalregister.gov and FDSys (volumes 1994-2015).” (via LOC)

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The tech start-up planning to shake up the legal world

“A career in law and extremely long hours tend to go hand in hand. When you’re starting out it’s often particularly gruelling. Partly of course it’s about proving your commitment, but being a lawyer also involves an awful lot of grunt work – spending hours and hours looking through past case law to help your firm determine how to fight a current case.It’s this time consuming, labour intensive research aspect of the legal system that Andrew Arruda, co-founder and chief executive of tech start-up Ross Intelligence, believes its invention can address.The AI (or artificial intelligence) legal research system allows lawyers to type in a question – much in the same way they’d ask a colleague – and bring up relevant examples of what has happened in previous US legal cases, essentially at the touch of a button.” (via BBC News)

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Here’s the Problem With the Feds Profiting From Court Filings

“A class action lawsuit claims the federal courts are turning a profit by charging for court documents. Meanwhile, the website itself is stuck in the 1990s.” (via Wired)

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