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Morton Grove Library lawyer scolds trustees teen employee’s removal

“Trustees at the Morton Grove Library did not stand behind their decision to remove a 16-year-old employee who was scheduled to show several R-rated movies in recent weeks. Instead, the one trustee not involved in the situation and the library’s attorney voiced concerns about potential ethics violations and potential violations to the open meetings act. “It was not ethical for a trustee to step in and do something of that nature at that moment,” said Trustee Arthur Goldstein. “The trustees work with the board and its director, not with patrons and employees.” (via Morton Grove Champion)

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Lawyers and Copyrights: Copyright in the House

“Copyright laws apply to lawyers too. Yet sometimes they seem to forget this seemingly obvious fact.”

via Law.com

A must read for law librarians.

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New Jersey Judiciary Now Tweeting

Social Media Law Student – “In a recent press release, the New Jersey Judiciary announced that new social media features would be used on their website to keep the community, including lawyers, informed.”

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Marketing Ahead of The Curve

Micah Buchdahl – “Many lawyers like to be trendy and fashionable. In law firm marketing circles, you are not exactly Nostradamus when advising people with incredible predictions of “new” marketing ideas—blogs, podcasts, annual reports, CRM systems—among them. They were new and trendy many years ago, and most catch on just about the time advanced marketers are on to the next great thing.”

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Techie Lawyers

Stewart Levine – “A recent survey indicated that what lawyers are most interested in when it comes to technology is developing competence with all the new collaboration tools available. From a management perspective, the selection and implementation of the most useful technology is a critical part of collaborating with co-counsel and opposing.”

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