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High Court Won’t Hear Copyright Challenge to Google Books

“The copyright dispute between the Authors Guild and Alphabet Inc.’s Google reached a conclusion Monday when the Supreme Court declined to intervene, leaving a federal appeals court ruling in Google’s favor as the last word.The justices, in a brief written order, said they won’t take up an appeal by the Authors Guild and individual writers who argued Google engaged in copyright infringement “on an epic scale.” (via WSJ)

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Google asks court to ax book-scanning suit from Authors Guild

“Google is trying to convince the courts to throw out a book-scanning lawsuit filed against it by the Authors Guild. In a brief submitted to the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals last Friday, Google argued that a suit filed on behalf of all authors whose books have been scanned shouldn’t be allowed because most authors support the scanning. Backing up its claim, the company yet again cited a survey that found 58 percent of the authors polled approved of Google scanning their books so the content could be searched online. A full 45 percent said they had already seen or expect to see higher demand for their books as a result of the scanning. And 19 percent said they’ve benefited financially from the scanning.

via CNET News

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U.S. court to take second look at library’s internet filtering

TriCity Herald – “Central Washington’s library system will head back to federal court Oct. 25 to further argue its filtering of public internet access. The hearing in Richland before U.S. District Court Judge Edward F. Shea will consider motions left dangling after the Washington Supreme Court last year upheld the North Central Regional Library district practice of narrowly filtering internet pages related to pornography and gambling.”

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