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Today In Ridiculous French Regulations: eBook Price Controls

Business Insider – “Yesterday a French parliamentary committee voted unanimously (!) to impose a unique price on eBooks sold in France, even if they’re sold from outside France. (Via Les Echos in French)

This is consistent with earlier regulation, which mandates a single price for dead tree books.

France’s government believes that culture is precious, and therefore should only be available to the rich. In France, the poor don’t deserve access to books. That’s probably not how the French government would describe this policy, but it’s certainly what it works out to.”

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All clear for Google Street View

BBC – “Google’s Street View technology carries a small risk of privacy invasion but should not be stopped, the UK’s Information Commissioner has ruled. The technology, which adds photos of locations to maps, sparked complaints it breaches the Data Protection Act. A spokesman for the privacy watchdog said removing the entire service would be “disproportionate to the relatively small risk of privacy detriment”.

Read the IC press release

More from AP

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The Public Library of Law makes legal search easier for non-lawyers

Popgadget – “With complicated matters, you may still find that you need to hire a lawyer, but you’ll be better informed about what the lawyer has to do if you do your own research first.”

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PreCYdent – “PreCYdent is based on two fundamental principles. First, we at PreCYdent believe that all lawyers, law librarians, law students, and the general public should have access to state-of-the-art search technology to help them navigate through the large and complex body of legal authority. We have heard law students ask, as perhaps you have, about online legal research: “Why can’t I just do my search with a few search words, like I do on Google?” PreCYdent has an answer to that question: Now you can. Second, we believe judicial opinions and statutes must be in the public domain, in practice as well as in theory. To us this means that effective legal research in all of these materials should be free to the user — not expensive, not inexpensive. Free. We believe this principle is of vital importance not only to the United States, but to all nations that practice or aspire to practice the rule of law.” (via)

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Who’s Legally Responsible

Eric J. Sinrod – “The stakes are enormous. The question is serious. Under what circumstances will the law hold interactive computer services liable for content posted by others on their sites?”

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More on Library Laws

Library Law – “A federal judge in Ohio ruled in favor of the Clark County Public Library on Aug. 20 with regard to the lawsuit by a patron who contested a ban on his use of the library for two years.”

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The world’s strangest laws

Hilarious and scary.

Too many to choose from, but I like this one:

“In Vermont, women must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth.” (via)

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