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Law Students: Get Blogging

NYLJ – “There has been a rising controversy about the utility of a traditional law school education. Lawyers finish school prepared to think like lawyers, but are they prepared to develop business and survive in a competitive economy? Well, no, not usually. To remedy this situation, Fordham University School of Law brought in Silvia Hodges, who earned the first doctorate degree on record in legal services marketing. Last spring, she launched a course on the topic. While a far cry from the usual torts or constitutional law curricula, her class is essential. It aids law students in developing their personal brands.”

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Legally Ginger: Local’s Resident Redheads “Sneak” Into The NYU Law Library

NYULocal – “Vanderbilt Hall, home of NYU Law School, has always struck us as being oddly out of place. Its quaint brick courtyard framed by wrought iron gates and redbrick archways is something out of Princeton or Harvard; there’s a definite Ivy League feel. But there’s just one problem- the school’s library is notoriously hard to get into. We had to try. But how?”

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Blogs and Law School Rankings

Conglomerate – “[T]he main thrust of the article is that blogs “represent a cost effective mechanism for improving a law school’s reputational rankings and, perforce, its overall rankings in the infamous US News and World Report.” (via)

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