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End of era for bound law books: High court OKs online citation

Madison Record – “In another bow to the digital age, those bulky law books containing officially reported Illinois court opinions soon will be going the way of 8-track tapes and boom boxes. The Illinois Supreme Court announced Tuesday a new way of officially citing its cases and those of the Illinois Appellate Court. This new method will eliminate the need to contractually publish and purchase the official opinions in bound volumes. It will save Illinois taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.”

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W.Va. high court to close regional law libraries

AP – “The West Virginia Supreme Court is closing its regional law libraries because few people are using them.
The court already has closed one library in Huntington and is in the process of closing another one in Wheeling. The others are in Parkersburg, Beckley, Clarksburg and Martinsburg. The main library in Charleston will remain open.
Supreme Court administrator Steve Canterbury said most law case books are now available on the Internet. Most law firms have personal law libraries and use Internet-based services to read case laws online.
“They’re a victim of technology,” Canterbury told The Intelligencer. “Originally they were established to be a great equalizer for one-lawyer shops. … They wouldn’t be outgunned if they didn’t have the materials.”

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Don’t close the state’s law library

News Tribune – “The Washington State Law Library will close its doors if the state Senate budget for 2011-2013 becomes law. This should concern citizens because the law library is used by many people who are not lawyers but need to research legal issues affecting their lives.”

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Yale Law School Library Lending Out Therapy Dog for Stressed-Out Students

NY Mag – “Last fall, the blog Above the Law caught wind of a jokey stunt going on at the Yale Law School Library. In addition to checking out books, students at the top-ranked graduate school could also, it seemed, check out “Monty” (full name General Montgomery), a border terrier mix. The dog would be available to play with students for 30-minute intervals, according to the library catalogue listing. But shortly after ATL discovered this adorable opportunity, the school said that it was just a gag, and that you couldn’t really check out the pooch.”

And yet now, according to a memo to students, Monty is back in circulation.”

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Indicted former law student starts own legal chapter

The Lantern – “The Moritz law student indicted last week for allegedly stealing almost $35,000 worth of library books and selling them on Amazon.com has cooperated in the case, prompting OSU’s lead investigator to predict a conviction. Christopher Brian Valdes, who was a second-year law student when OSU Police charged him with theft in October 2010, stole 387 books from the law library in Drinko Hall, said OSU Police Detective Peter Dragonette, who is the lead investigator of the case. “I am unable to discuss any details regarding the case,” Valdes said in an e-mail to The Lantern. “I wish my reply could be of more assistance.”

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Tight funding affects some Texas law libraries

AP – “The writing is on the wall. “The time is coming when there won’t be anything but computers in libraries,” Bexar County Law Library administrator Jimmy Allison said last week. In the meantime, local lawyers, judges, prosecutors, jail inmates and members of the public working on their own civil lawsuits continue to rely on printed law books and supplements in the county-operated law libraries in the Bexar County Courthouse, Adult Detention Center and district attorney’s office.”

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Brooklyn Law library had students there when Diesel shot racy pics

NYPOST.com – “Fashion photographers swarmed into the Brooklyn Law School library for a racy photo shoot in the middle of the day as stunned students preparing for tests stared in disbelief — and then stormed out, a crew member told The Post. A handful of students were cracking the books during spring break when the Diesel crew of about 50 people turned up last March and took over the building for a steamy shoot consisting of near-naked models writhing among the bookshelves and on library tables.”

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Brooklyn Law School officials kept in dark for months over Diesel ad

NYPOST – “The Brooklyn Law School events director who sat idly by during a racy Diesel photo shoot in the library last spring never told administrators about the parade of panty-clad beauties who suggestively rubbed against their legal briefs, The Post has learned. They didn’t find out until eight months after the shoot, when shocked students started seeing the sexy photos on the clothing company’s Web site.”

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The new legal aid: Do it yourself

Star Tribune – “In bad economic times, public law libraries boom with visitors needing legal advice. Do-it-yourself legal work has become the way, from bankruptcy filings to fighting an eviction.”

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Three CT Law Libraries Close Due To Budget Cuts

Capitol Watch Blog – “The Judicial Branch closed law libraries in Norwich, Milford and Willimantic April 1 because of budget cuts. Closing the libraries saves the state $289,000, the branch says, adding that there were no layoffs. Staff members were relocated to the state’s 13 remaining law libraries. If finances do not improve, the branch says it will close three more libraries in Hartford, Bridgeport and Litchfield this summer. Juvenile courthouses in Norwalk and Willimantic would close on or about July 1, and the Superior Court in Bristol would close Jan. 1, 2011.”

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