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A Law Librarian’s Journey from San Francisco to Kansas City, and What I Learned Along the Way

“In September of 2014, I received a rather unexpected call from our Chief Operating Officer.   He informed me that Littler was opening a new Global Services Center in Kansas City, Missouri that would house the firm’s administrative and operational departments, including our library.  Here is where my journey began.On-shoring administrative services centers to lower-cost locations within the United States has become an attractive option for law firms as many cities offer business-friendly tax structures, reasonable rent and a good workforce pool.” (via .thomsonreuters.com)

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Cuts Likely To Shutter Vt. Law Library

“A nearly $500,000 cut to the Vermont Department of Libraries will likely result in the closure of the state law library. Earlier this week, the House Appropriations Committee decided to go with the governor’s recommendation to reduce the budget. According to State Librarian Martha Reid, the department is working with a consultant to determine the best way to take the cut, but the brunt of the reduction will be on the state law library. “The law library as we know it, I think it’s pretty clear that it’s going to disappear,” State Librarian Martha Reid said Thursday.” (via Valley News)

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Sleds join case books at [Yale] Law Library

“This winter, students interested in frolicking in the snow can check out sleds and shovels from an unlikely source: the Law Library. The winter gear joins a long list of useful yet unconventional items in circulation at the Lillian Goldman Library, including blankets with sleeves and DVDs. The library boasts games, sporting gear, tech equipment and study tools. In the past, the library unofficially has also allowed undergraduates to check out items, provided that there are enough in circulation. Now, policy has changed so that Yale College students can check out anything from the Law Library, except for iPads and laptops. “We tried to think of what students lack when they’re away from home, what don’t they have in the dorm room or apartment,” said Julian Aiken, head of Access Services at the library. “The list of things we check out will only be limited by our own imagination or the ideas of students — if we can fit it in the library and check it out, we will.” (via Yale Daily News)

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So Little Paper to Chase in a Law Firm’s New Library

“The law firm Kaye Scholer left a lot behind when it moved this month from 425 Park Avenue in Manhattan, where it had been since 1957, into new quarters at 250 West 55th Street.It left behind offices that had served giants like Milton Handler, one of whose students, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, called him a “colossus” in the realm of trade regulation; Stanley H. Fuld, a former chief judge of New York State’s highest court; and Abraham A. Ribicoff, who served Connecticut as governor and as a United States senator.It left behind the setting of the greatest drama in its 97-year history: In 1992, the partners agreed to pay a $41 million fine to settle a $275 million lawsuit by the federal government charging that the firm had improperly withheld damaging information about a failed savings association that was its client. The suit had threatened to bankrupt and ruin the firm. Kaye Scholer left something else behind: most of its law library. Shelves full of uniformly bound legal volumes — beloved of any photographer, videographer or cinematographer who needs a background that instantly proclaims “law office” — are headed to oblivion in the digital era. Kaye Scholer’s library just got there faster because of the exigencies of the move.” (via NYTimes.com)

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New York Is Shelving Its Prison Law Libraries

“Back in the 1990s, the Supreme Court said that while prisoners have the right to pursue a legal claim, they don’t have “an abstract, freestanding right to a law library.”For years after the ruling, even though it no longer had to, New York required its county jails to maintain a supply of legal reference materials, such as various chapters of New York State Consolidated Laws and case law digests.But as times of plenty have faded, New York has decided that the law library is an unaffordable luxury.  After finding that the mandate imposed a “significant cost upon each county,” New York’s prison commission is proposing to relax the regulation and allow prisons to shutter their libraries. (via WSJ)

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