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Be a PR Perofessional

Selling Law Librarianship. I try to do this everyday. Librarians really need to chat with PR people and learn a few things. (via)

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Law Libraries Facing Changes

Shane Hoover – “If not for the small sign next to the door, the Stark County Law Library’s entrance looks like that of storage room.”

FYI, the Stark County Law Library has had a blog since April 2003.

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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Above The Law – “They can Shepardize like nobody’s business. They know the proper Bluebook form for CCH looseleafs, by heart. And they look really good in swimwear.”

This is an old post, but it’s new to me. So, take a look (via)

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Meredith Gives Us A Taste

From her survey results, she says: “Want to be happy? Well, you may want to become a school librarian, work in a law library or work for a consortium or library system, because those three got the highest scores for job satisfaction. Corporate and public librarians had the lowest levels of job satisfaction.”

Yay for Law Librarian Bloggers. 🙂

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New Survey on Law Librarians

LawFirm, Inc via Law.com – “Call it what you will, today’s law library is tightly integrated with the rest of the firm. It’s vital not only for finding case law but for finding new business, too. LawFirmInc.’s sixth annual survey of law firm librarians at Am Law 200 firms reveals that they are continuing to move beyond “traditional” library work, like legal research, and into marketing and competitive intelligence, computer training and even knowledge management projects. (Ninety-five firms participated in the survey.)”

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Using RSS Feeds for New Book Titles – Calling All Publishers

From Connie Crosby, a no-brainer for publishers.

"Why do the publishers not just each have their new titles in an RSS feed, which I could read in my aggregator (feed reader) like I do a number of the blogs and news feeds I follow? And why could those feeds not be taken together into one feed, or filtered according to my collection subject needs? Why could my library association not pull all feeds together onto one webpage for those people who don’t use an aggregator? I quickly surveyed the websites of major Canadian legal publishers, and discovered not a single one had an RSS feed of new titles, or any other RSS feed for that matter. Clearly this was something to work on."

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