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Are Law Librarians Who Accept Vendor Swag Committing Ethically Questionable Acts?

Law Librarian Blog – “When Sarah Glassmeyer announced she was going to auction the proceeds of her unsolicited WestlawNext iPod Nano, I thought and wrote “good for Sarah.” At the same time, I thought it was fine by me if anyone accepted similar vendor swag, noting with tongue firmly planted in cheek, that I was holding out for a WestlawNext iPad.”

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The 2008 ABA Journal Blawg 100

Vote for your favorites.

No law librarian category? How sad.

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County’s law library tabbed as best in federal system

Daily Bulletin – “San Bernardino County’s public law library has been nationally recognized as the 2008 Federal Depository Library of the Year.”

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Library as [a fun] place

Ballad in Plain E – “Mark at the AALL Spectrum Blog wonders whether law libraries are holding fun events in the library, and whether anyone has studied (and presumably reported on) that.”

Of course.  I have DDR and WOW parties at my clients libraries all the time.  ;-)

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Library Lemonade

Connie Crosby – “I love the new Library Lemonade blog. It is about “the positive power of libraries and the good work of librarians” and meant to highlight and celebrate our successes. Terrific!”

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Locating Lawyers

Worth a bookmark for any law librarian.

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More on the AALL “Selling Law Librarianship” Article

James Mullan – “Firstly I wouldn’t trust the person on the front cover to sell me anything, then there are some of the suggestions for building a set of skills for making you more effective. Some of these are very good (I’ll come on to these later) but some are just bizzare and I’d love to see a Law Librarian do them”

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Be a PR Perofessional

Selling Law Librarianship. I try to do this everyday. Librarians really need to chat with PR people and learn a few things. (via)

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Law Libraries Facing Changes

Shane Hoover – “If not for the small sign next to the door, the Stark County Law Library’s entrance looks like that of storage room.”

FYI, the Stark County Law Library has had a blog since April 2003.

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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Above The Law – “They can Shepardize like nobody’s business. They know the proper Bluebook form for CCH looseleafs, by heart. And they look really good in swimwear.”

This is an old post, but it’s new to me. So, take a look (via)

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